Disneyland Paris Resort

Alexander: After a trip of wins, we finally took a loss on the final parks of our Europe tour, Disneyland Park Paris and Walt Disney Studios.

While Efteling, Walibi, De Warbeek, Slagharen, Movie Park, and Phantasialand (swoon) all shattered expectations, Disneyland Paris Resort showed us why it’s the weakest link in Disney’s 6-link chain. Continue reading “Disneyland Paris Resort”

The World isn’t Good Enough for TRON: Lightcycle Power Run, but Walt Disney World Might Be.

Sean: It has been a few weeks since I traveled across the globe in search for an exciting roller coaster that not many people have had the chance to ride, but that everyone is already obsessed with. My travels took me to Shanghai Disneyland, which is home to TRON: Lightcycle Power Run. Perhaps the best coaster Disney has ever opened.  Continue reading “The World isn’t Good Enough for TRON: Lightcycle Power Run, but Walt Disney World Might Be.”

Disneyland Christmas & small world holiday Exposé

Alexander: Ho Ho Ho!!!

It’s time for a holiday-tastic visit to Disneyland Resort!

There’s plenty to enjoy at Disney during the holiday season, but my personal favorite is it’s a small world holiday (which, at this point, I’d have to say is my absolute #1 favorite Disney attraction).

We were treated to a particularly-special ride on small world (more on that later), so we took the opportunity to do a full write-up on the classic flume’s holiday overlay. Continue reading “Disneyland Christmas & small world holiday Exposé”

Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! – Exterior Early April

Sean: Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! is already well received by many, and there are still plenty of Disney fans that are upset that Tower of Terror has left Disney California Adventure Park. We’re actually quite excited for the relaunch of the drop ride and the ride looks surprisingly much better than the original concepts! Let’s take a look at the exterior as of the first week of April: Continue reading “Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: Breakout! – Exterior Early April”

Disneyland Resort Update – Late March – Early April

Zach: While illness prevented us from visiting the Disneyland Resort over the week or so, some spring time sunshine provided for a beautiful (busy) weekend visit. Star Wars Land and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout construction is coming along quite nicely so we snapped some pictures, but first we start this article with a (not really) Dramatic  announcement! Continue reading “Disneyland Resort Update – Late March – Early April”

Disneyland Resort Update – February 15th 2017

On a lazy weekday in February, we ventured back out to the Disneyland Resort just a few days after the fire scare in the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure. There was no visible closure of any level in Mickey and Friends so it was business as usual at the Resort. Plainly visible, however, was the amount of construction going on around the park and the amount of marketing for AP Days and the return of Main Street Electrical Parade (for a limited time). Continue reading “Disneyland Resort Update – February 15th 2017”