Lost Coasters of California – Part 3: Tidal Wave

As we discussed in the last article on the Whizzer the Marriott’s Great America parks were bold designs that applied many lessons learned at other regional parks.  Part of this was a plan and specific plots designated for expansion.  In 1977, a year after its opening, the Santa Clara park was the first to receive a major coaster addition, the Tidal Wave.

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Coaster Kings Radio – Welcome to our Theme Park!

Today’s Coaster Kings Radio podcast episode is a timely release! The episode starts with a look at some pressing theme park news from around the globe, after which we create our own fantasy theme park in real time. Sean, Alexander and Sven all came up with their own themed area and then collectively created an area together. Don’t miss this wild new episode: Continue reading “Coaster Kings Radio – Welcome to our Theme Park!”

Coaster Kings Radio Episode 8: Coronies & Crazy Quiz

What better way to spend your time waiting for corona to go away than by listening to our latest podcast? We do talk a bit about the COVID in the world but after that it’s all about the trips we already did this year: Efteling, Phantasialand, Disneyland Paris and several parks in Texas! We finish with a special quiz: Who’s the Coaster King of the World? Do you know all the answers?

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Coaster Kings Radio Episode 3: What’s Up With This Manufacturer?

Get ready for an episode full of reviews! This includes Time Traveler, Copperhead Strike, Tigris, Popcorn Revenge and Wilderness! In that area, RMC Hybrid Untamed will open soon and we talked to park director Mascha Van Till! After that, we spin the Manufacturer Wheel of Fortune and speak out about our favorite coasters from the manufacturer that pops up. Enjoy!

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