Knott’s Scary Farm 2018 – Midsummer Scream Scare Zone Reveal

Knott’s Scary Farm, the first and largest Halloween event in Southern California has revealed exclusive and frightening new details for the return of its 46th season during a special appearance at the fan-favorite event Midsummer Scream in Long Beach. The Knott’s entertainment team held an exclusive panel for fans featuring a few of the Scary Farm masterminds including maze and set designers, producers along with costuming and makeup to share insight on what’s lurking in the fog for 2018. Continue reading “Knott’s Scary Farm 2018 – Midsummer Scream Scare Zone Reveal”

RailBlazer- Now Open at California’s Great America

McLaren: Typically, people start their day with a cup of coffee to get their energy levels up to an adequate day-starting level. Last week, however, the coffee wasn’t needed until much later in the day as California’s Great America provided an ever more effective way to wake up… RailBlazer. Continue reading “RailBlazer- Now Open at California’s Great America”


Sean: This week we ventured to yet another few parks around the country. On some quick layovers we hit up two Cedar Fair parks. Valleyfair! was a new park for me, as where Carowinds was a much appreciated re-visit. Both visits took place within 24 hrs of each other, so why not create one report?

Continue reading “Valleyfairowinds”

Cabin Crew Coaster KINGS ISLAND

Sean: Summer is almost here and that means theme-park season has begun! We have made quite some trips around the globe already this year, but there is no better time than Spring to explore some of the United  States’ best parks. In this Cabin Crew Coaster Kings report, I’ll be sharing my first time experience at Kings Island. Enjoy! Continue reading “Cabin Crew Coaster KINGS ISLAND”

HangTime, California’s First Dive Coaster, Opens at Knott’s Berry Farm

Sean: This is a good year for the Californian Cedar Fair parks! Both Knott’s Berry Farm and California’s Great America are opening world-class coasters this year. HangTime is a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster and opened at Knott’s Berry Farm this week as California’s first Dive Coaster! This is the park’s biggest coaster addition in the 14 years, and of course that was reason for a party! Continue reading “HangTime, California’s First Dive Coaster, Opens at Knott’s Berry Farm”

Backyard Bands and BBQ at California’s Great America

Byron: We were invited by California’s Great America to come experience the all-new Backyard Bands and BBQ event this past weekend, and it was an absolute delight. From delicious food to live music,  the event provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere that we hope to see return in the future. Below we’ll detail what specifically we liked about it and how it fits into the new identity this park is creating for itself. Continue reading “Backyard Bands and BBQ at California’s Great America”

Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival 2018

Alexander: It’s Spring in SoCal, and you know what that means! It’s Boysenberry time at Knott’s Berry Farm! Every year at the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, countless boysen-based food items are offered to hungry guests, each lovingly crafted by Knott’s Berry Farm’s enormous food service team!

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California’s Great America – Opening Day Report 2018

Byron:  California’s Great America opened for the 2018 season this past weekend, and of course, we were in attendance for opening day. It was a pleasure to be back at the park and take an extended look at this changing and growing park. Below we’ll discuss how the rides are running, general park improvements, and of course the phenomenal progress of Railblazer. Continue reading “California’s Great America – Opening Day Report 2018”

HangTime Backstage Tour at Knott’s Berry Farm – March 2018

McLaren: Today we had the opportunity to take an even closer look at HangTime’s progress as we inch closer to its opening date. Recently, the last piece of track was put into place, which is totally exciting for most of us, but it is only the beginning as we continue in the process of testing, working out bugs in the system, and adding tedious, yet essential details. While we are still unaware of when exactly the ride will welcome the general public, we were able to have a clearer vision of what this ride has to offer come early this summer. Continue reading “HangTime Backstage Tour at Knott’s Berry Farm – March 2018”