Super Poll Sunday – Best New 2016 Attraction in California

sps-2016-thumbnail001-largeWe’re back with another SUPER POLL SUNDAY! Today we let readers vote for the best new attraction of 2016, in California! We have selected seven new attractions around the state as nominees and it’s your turn to VOTE! This year brought us one of the world’s best steel coasters and dark rides, as well as several re-makes of older rides… read on and VOTE! 😀  Continue reading “Super Poll Sunday – Best New 2016 Attraction in California”

California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2016 – Spoiler Free Skeleton Key Room Reviews

dscn3773-largeCalifornia’s Great America Halloween Haunt opened for the 2016 Season and for the first time in history, the park has added four separate Skeleton Key Room experiences that are absolutely crazy! Since these are unique and exclusive to Skeleton Key holders only, we’ll keep it a surprise as much as possible. Join us for a spoiler-free (no more details than the Halloween Haunt site has released) review of each and our opinions of which are the best! There may be a very tiny spoiler here and there that is available across the web, if you wish to not read that information, please check out our other Knott’s Scary Farm and Halloween Haunt articles on our Halloween page! Continue reading “California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2016 – Spoiler Free Skeleton Key Room Reviews”

California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2016 – MAZE Ratings and Reviews

dscn3781-largeCalifornia’s Great America Halloween Haunt has opened for the 2016 Season! They definitely have Northern California’s best mazes (set wise) and have several cool changes in store this year, that greatly improved the preexisting mazes! There’s a shortage of actors again, which is sad as some mazes are very actor-dependent. Nonetheless, the sets usually amaze us at this event! Let’s get into rating and reviewing them! Continue reading “California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2016 – MAZE Ratings and Reviews”

Fear VR: 5150

unnamedFear VR: 5150 is a horror based Virtual Reality experience that will be making its debut in Cedar Fair parks this season. Hollow Studios, the company behind the production of this project, has partnered with Cedar Fair Entertainment to bring Fear VR: 5150, to Canada’s Wonderland, Knott’s Scary Farm, and California’s Great America this haunt season, providing a whole new kind of cutting edge horror experience.

Continue reading “Fear VR: 5150”

Super Poll Sunday – The Battle of the Three California B&M Inverts

sps-2016-thumbnail001-largeWe’re back with SUPER POLL SUNDAYS! Today we let readers vote for the best Inverted Coaster by B&M, in California! Do you think Flight Deck, Batman: The Ride, or Silver Bullet is best? VOTE! It’s been a while since we launched a Super Poll Sunday, and therefore some readers may be unfamiliar with this series. We’re excited to reintroduce the series, so read on and VOTE! 😀  Continue reading “Super Poll Sunday – The Battle of the Three California B&M Inverts”

VORTEX: The Last Stand

20160905_201237-mediumSeveral California Coaster Kings team members from throughout the state visited California’s Great America on Labor Day to take the Last Stand on Vortex. Vortex was the park’s Stand-Up coaster that operated for 25 years ’til it took its final riders on board September fifth. The ride will reopen next year as a Floorless Coaster named Patriot. Let’s take a look at Vortex and its last day of operations.  Continue reading “VORTEX: The Last Stand”

VR Coming to California’s Great America’s Halloween Haunt 2016

DSC_0806-Large-900x599California’s Great America, in the heart of silicon valley, has officially announced there line up of Halloween Haunt attractions for 2016, including brand new cutting edge VR: 5150! Below we’ll discuss the details of and our opinions on this project, as well as a brief summation of the rest of the announcement, so lets’s get hyped for Haunt!

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Patriot – Floorless Coaster for California’s Great America!

patriot tmbnThe Santa Clara theme park “California’s Great America” announced that for the 2017 season, it will introduce Patriot, the first Floorless Coaster in the park’s 41-year history. Patriot will emerge from the soon to be retired Vortex coaster, the oldest Stand Up Coaster standing at its original location in the United States.  Continue reading “Patriot – Floorless Coaster for California’s Great America!”

5 Underrated Coasters In California

DSC_0652 (Large)Coasters are often forgotten about by enthusiasts and the general public when they become rough or they stand in the shadow of newer coasters. Sometimes a ride never becomes well-known even though it truly deserves more recognition. Today we’ll be looking at five such coasters in California. Either they receive too much criticism in our eyes, or they simply don’t get recognized enough. Let’s take a look at 5 Underrated Coasters in California! Continue reading “5 Underrated Coasters In California”

California Coaster Kings SUMMER Q&A on August 9th

Summer 16 Q&A thumbnail (Medium)Dear readers,

After a successful Q&A earlier this year, we are now back with a new Q&A session on August 9th. It’ll be the start of more-frequent Q&A sessions. Each session will have a particular set of topics to stay current and fully get an opinionated discussion going. (Rather than very general questions). The first one is coming up on Tuesday night, August 9th! Continue reading “California Coaster Kings SUMMER Q&A on August 9th”

California’s Great America Update – July 21st 2016

image1 (Medium)After some extensive traveling these past few week I was finally able to make another trip out to the beautiful California’s Great America, and provide an update for our readers. This weekend is the first half of the Taste of Orleans food festival, meaning there are putting the finishing touches on the preparation. In addition, there is plenty going on in the rest of the park for me to report so sit back and enjoy the following update. Continue reading “California’s Great America Update – July 21st 2016”

5 of Our Personal Favorite Elements on Coasters in California

20160525_163552 (Medium)California is home to so many fantastic coasters, we are lucky to live in a state with such a wide variety of high quality attractions. Having the great collection that we do, there are bound to be a few elements or moments that strike a chord with each individual, and that is what we are here to talk about. Not necessarily the best coaster elements in the state, but rather those that Sean and Byron have the most affinity for personally. These elements deliver memorable and unique experiences for us, and thus are our personal favorite elements in the state. Continue reading “5 of Our Personal Favorite Elements on Coasters in California”

Taste of Orleans

taste of orleansCalifornia’s Great America has announced the brand new event, the Taste Of Orleans! The festival will take place the weekends of July 23-24 and 30-31 in the park’s Orleans Place area. Taste of Orleans will feature live Cajun, Jazz and Mardi Gras style music, regional food delicacies and drink and will be open to all Great America guests. Below you can find what to expect from the event as well as our general thoughts. Continue reading “Taste of Orleans”

California’s Great America – 2016 Season Opening!

image1California’s Great America has finally reopened for the 2016 season, and we Northern Californian coaster enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited. Although, there was less fanfare than there has been on previous opening days, it was great to be back at the park nonetheless, and of course, we’re here to tell you all about it. Continue reading “California’s Great America – 2016 Season Opening!”

WinterFest coming to California’s Great America!

California’s Great America has announced that not only will they be remaining open for the winter season next year, but they will be holding a holiday event as well by the name of WinterFest. In this article we will briefly break down what this event will consist of, as well as our thoughts and opinions on this recent announcement. We hope you enjoy it. Continue reading “WinterFest coming to California’s Great America!”