California’s Great America Park Update- Mid September 2019

Derrion: Wow! In all my years living in Southern California, I finally was able to get to California’s Great America. This was my second Cedar Fair park, behind Knott’s Berry Farm, and I could not have been more blown away! Lets take a look at some of the highlights from my first visit.

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RailBlazer- Now Open at California’s Great America

McLaren: Typically, people start their day with a cup of coffee to get their energy levels up to an adequate day-starting level. Last week, however, the coffee wasn’t needed until much later in the day as California’s Great America provided an ever more effective way to wake up… RailBlazer. Continue reading “RailBlazer- Now Open at California’s Great America”

Backyard Bands and BBQ at California’s Great America

Byron: We were invited by California’s Great America to come experience the all-new Backyard Bands and BBQ event this past weekend, and it was an absolute delight. From delicious food to live music,  the event provides a unique and relaxing atmosphere that we hope to see return in the future. Below we’ll detail what specifically we liked about it and how it fits into the new identity this park is creating for itself. Continue reading “Backyard Bands and BBQ at California’s Great America”

California’s Great America – Opening Day Report 2018

Byron:  California’s Great America opened for the 2018 season this past weekend, and of course, we were in attendance for opening day. It was a pleasure to be back at the park and take an extended look at this changing and growing park. Below we’ll discuss how the rides are running, general park improvements, and of course the phenomenal progress of Railblazer. Continue reading “California’s Great America – Opening Day Report 2018”

The California Top 10 of 2017!

Sean + Alexander: Annually we have released a full California Top 50, but we decided to take it down a notch and really focus on what the top 10 best coasters in the state are, and why we think so. This year brought us Patriot, the state’s only major new coaster experience of the year, but every year again we completely find a new ranking appropriate. So sit back, and enjoy our end-of-the-year coverage finishing with The California Top 10 of 2017! Continue reading “The California Top 10 of 2017!”

WinterFest at California’s Great America – 2017!

Sean: WinterFest has returned for a second year and has proven to be fair competition with the rest of the state’s major Holiday events, managing to offer a unique experience while limiting guests to just three of the park’s major coasters. The event offers quality entertainment, awesome lights all around the event, and unique attractions such as ice skating, character meet ‘n greets and faux snow of course! McLaren and I hit up the event, and would love to show off what the event has to offer! Oh and there’s a little RailBlazer construction for you all.  Continue reading “WinterFest at California’s Great America – 2017!”


Ice Skating, Rides, Snow Falling, Millions Of Lights & Santa To Deliver Merriment

The Bay Area’s newest and most immersive holiday tradition, WinterFest, opens at California’s Great America on Friday, November 24 and will entertain guests on select dates through December 30. During WinterFest, Great America will be magically transformed into a winter wonderland where guests can experience unique new features, as well as fan favorites such as skating in front of the iconic Carousel Columbia, admiring magnificent displays of lights and décor, viewing spectacular live holiday shows, experiencing 25 rides and attractions, seeing Santa’s workshop and Mrs. Claus’ kitchen, and enjoying scrumptious holiday fare at numerous dining locations. Continue reading “WINTERFEST AT CALIFORNIA’S GREAT AMERICA OPENS NOVEMBER 24”


The Great Pumpkin Fest at California’s Great America opens September 30 and runs Saturdays and Sundays through October 29 (closed October 22). The festival is a non-scary daytime event for the entire family and has become a Bay Area tradition for the extended Halloween season. Continue reading “THE GREAT PUMPKIN FEST AT CALIFORNIA’S GREAT AMERICA BEGINS SEPTEMBER 30”

Railblazer Construction Update #1

Byron: We were able to check out the progress of Railblazer at California’s Great America last weekend. Below we will outline the progress made thus far. Although the construction is somewhat limited at this stage, we figure we should start covering this very exciting project early. Please enjoy the first of many Railblazer construction updates. Continue reading “Railblazer Construction Update #1”

RAILBLAZER – A Single Rail Coaster Coming to California’s Great America in 2018!

California’s Great America will introduce a groundbreaking new single rail steel coaster, RailBlazer, for the 2018 season. RailBlazer will be the first coaster of its kind on the West Coast featuring a single rail track throughout; the design requires the rider to straddle the rail, creating an extremely low center of gravity that amplifies every move and enables more dynamic turns and rotations than have ever been possible on a coaster. With an eight-passenger single file train hugging the rail, the coaster will give riders an unobstructed view of the ground and air as they speed smoothly over the twisting track. Continue reading “RAILBLAZER – A Single Rail Coaster Coming to California’s Great America in 2018!”

Halloween Haunt Hiring

Byron: California’s Great America has begun hiring for their 10th season of Halloween Haunt. As someone who has worked as talent at the park before, it’s a great part time job that pays well and is a whole lot of fun. If  you have any questions about my experience, feel free to reach out.  Otherwise, check out some additional information released by the park below. Continue reading “Halloween Haunt Hiring”