Six Flags America – Coaster Con XLI

Alexander: Welcome all to Cabin Crew Coaster Kings’ coverage of the American Coaster Enthusiasts’ annual roller coaster convention, Coaster Con!

It’s ACE’s 40th Anniversary, so the convention is being hosted where the club began: Virginia (Six Flags America is also part of the itinerary, located in nearby Maryland).

After picking up our registration packets and reuniting with some of the hundreds of folks I’ve been riding coasters with the last several years, we set out for Six Flags America. Continue reading “Six Flags America – Coaster Con XLI”


Sean: This week we ventured to yet another few parks around the country. On some quick layovers we hit up two Cedar Fair parks. Valleyfair! was a new park for me, as where Carowinds was a much appreciated re-visit. Both visits took place within 24 hrs of each other, so why not create one report?

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LOLiday World

Alexander: Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana is an iconic brand in the American theme park landscape, famous for its friendly staff, spotless midways, excellent value, enormous water park, and stellar collection of modern wooden coasters.

Holiday World’s reputation is often louder than the park itself; the moves they make at this point are often not as boisterous as the enthusiast communities’ response to them. Everything – from management conflict to new rides – has been hotly discussed over the last 15+ years or so, and whether one’s opinion is positive or negative, it goes without saying that opinions of Holiday World are often strong ones. Continue reading “LOLiday World”

Cabin Crew Coaster KINGS ISLAND

Sean: Summer is almost here and that means theme-park season has begun! We have made quite some trips around the globe already this year, but there is no better time than Spring to explore some of the United  States’ best parks. In this Cabin Crew Coaster Kings report, I’ll be sharing my first time experience at Kings Island. Enjoy! Continue reading “Cabin Crew Coaster KINGS ISLAND”


Alexander: Hello again, peeps!

The shortest update of our Europe visit is Attractiepark Slagharen. We only spent an hour and a half at this little park (the rest of the day was spent at Movie Park Germany), but what a gem this place is! Continue reading “Slagharen”

NASCAR Speed Park Trip Report

Alexander: Following our ideal Dollywood day, Sean and I popped over to nearby NASCAR Speed Park so that Sean could get a ride on the park’s resident coaster, Speedway Drift.

NASCAR Speed Park was so kind to host us during our visit (especially since it’s a very expensive coaster credit), but we have some concerns about the park’s future. We hope that, if nothing else, their good customer service can keep them afloat.

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Como Town & Daytona Beach Amusements – CCCK Layover Adventures

Alexander: Being a flight attendant has many perks, not the least of which is getting paid to go places that happen to have roller coasters nearby!

My recent layovers to Minneapolis and Daytona Beach were fruitful in the credit department. Two new parks, two new coasters!

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Small Parks of NorCal – CCK & CCCK Take NorCal Pt.4

Alexander: Who’s ready for a whirlwind tour of the tiny parks of Northern California??

There’s so much personality and charm tucked away in these little spots; some of them we hadn’t even heard of before we planned this trip, but we’re so glad we took the time to visit each one!

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