Knott’s Scary Farm 2014 Maze Reviews

The mazes at Scary Farm are good. No one can deny that. But some are definitely better than others. Below we’ll be looking at all mazes and Special Ops: Infected.

Let’s start off with the ‘never-done-before’ Special Ops: Infected. Well, I hardly have a clue as how to describe it. It was just simply amazing. Guests receive their guns, and will leave either camp Bravo or camp Alpha in single filed groups of 12 with a leader in front, and in the back. The leaders were army dressed, and were actors from the park. During the journey, guests have to aim on the heads of the infected and shoot with their laser guns to ‘kill them’. 20140925_201911 (Large)During the trip to the other side of Infected Camp Snoopy, you will have to go through bases, that suddenly get attacked by the Infected, you’re also on your way to find a way out, by looking at maps and unlocking radios. When leaving from Bravo, your team will eventually be split up in two teams of 6. One that will take a path over the rocks to get to Alpha, and the other 6, will battle a group of fierce fighters on the ground. I was in that group, and got captured. All 6 men and women, and the army-commander were locked in a cage. We eventually ‘escaped’ while shooting at zombies. The 12 met up right before entering Alpha. Where everyone is gathered in a decontamination room that they fill up with insane amounts of fog. I didn’t notice that the other 11 people had already exited the fog filled room, and I was quietly waiting , ’til I noticed, while sticking out my hands to feel where everyone was, that I was the only one left in there… haha. In the end they take a picture, which you can then purchase for $14. It’s incredibly fun, and a must-experience Scary Farm attraction. Make sure to run to Camp Snoopy first thing, to make a reservation free of charge. Battle the infected!

Let’s move on to the actual mazes. (And the Witch’s Keep). I’ll be giving each maze 3 ratings and a total rating. One rating based on how scary the maze is, one based one how well the sets/scenes look, and one based on the overall experience and impression it made. The ratings below DISREGARD the Skeleton Room experience, since not everyone will have access to that. The skeleton room experiences will thus not influence the ratings below, and will be discussed separately.

Witch’s Keep; Scare Rating: 5 Set Rating: 4 Experience Rating: 6 FINAL Rating: 5

  • The Witch’s Keep slightly disappointed me, as the only thing at all of Scary Farm. That’s why I address it first. There were several skeletons placed throughout the Calico Mine Ride, the animatronics had new voice overs, and there was a lot of green light. But that’s almost all there was to it. The ride didn’t have any life actors which would’ve been so perfect, you can’t get out of the ore cars, so it would’ve been scarier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great and fun idea to turn a ride into this Haunt themed experience. It just could have been executed better I believe.20140925_204628 (Large)

Trick or Treat; Scare Rating: 6 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 8 FINAL Rating: 7.3

  • Trick or Treat is very popular, and I definitely get why. It’s not really scary, but the maze looks very nice! You have to knock on the door, and the house is insanely detailed. You meet the witch several times. And the theme of the maze messes with childhood memories for a bit. It’s a very fun maze with great lighting as well. The only downside, the maze is very short. For the long lines we saw last night, we advise you to either do it first thing, or later around 11-12 when the lines get shorter.20140925_220743 (Large)

Forevermore; Scare Rating: 6 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 7 FINAL Rating: 7

  • The longest maze at Knott’s Scary Farm. But that does definitely not mean it’s the best maze. The idea of the modernized version of Edgar Allen Poe stories is very clever. But not everyone knows their Poe. The murder scene is pretty easy to understand, but there are several scenes that are truly based off of several of Poe’s stories. Such as the dead cats everywhere, or the birds, or the lounge for example. It doesn’t mean the maze isn’t elaborately themed. The maze has several scenes that are some of the best in the park. Another downside is that the maze features lots of straight-a-ways, so there isn’t that much room for surprises in several scenes.20140925_211403 (Large)

Toothfairy; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 8.3

  • The new maze looks really really neat, and is actually quite frightening. The maze includes a lot of different scenes, such as children’s bedrooms, pitch-black rooms and caged tunnels through which you’ll have to squad to go through. The feared theme of the dentist is perfectly combined with evil tooth-fairies. The maze includes several scenes where either fairies hang slaughtered in the office of the dentist, or are portrayed evil and have stacks of coins underneath their bloody bodies. The only way to reach Toothfairy, is by walking through Dominion of the Damned first. Overall, Toothfairy is a very nice new maze that has a balanced mix of ‘scary’ and ‘pretty’. And because of the many different scenes in this new maze, the overall experience is one of the best.20140925_223535 (Large)

Dominion of the Damned; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 9 Experience Rating: 8 FINAL Rating: 8.3

  •  This maze surprised me. I’m not going to lie, the entire dark grayish theme to it, with the dramatic music had me pretty scared. Though it’s all a very similar theme, the entire maze overall had several very well designed scenes. The room with coffins that opened up for example was pretty freaky. Since the dominion is full of death, the scene where you walk through the ally is pretty awesome too. Windows open all around you and actors jump out to scare you.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Dominion of the Damned has a very interesting Skeleton room, and a surprising one too! Guests will enter the green house where they grow dead people plants (?- Still not sure what they were), and they get mad after a volunteer needs to feed them. A loud noise arises as strobe lights turn on and water is sprayed in people’s faces. A great start to a great maze.

Black Magic; Scare Rating: 7 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 7 FINAL Rating: 7.3

  •  The idea is very nice, magic gone wrong by Houdini, seriously awesome idea. Though it seemed a little far fetched to me. There were many really awesome and gruesome scenes, but non of which really scared me. This maze is all about the details you see. Going through this cursed theater is actually really cool, and everything relates back to magic tricks that Houdini did as well. Though it failed to scare me. It has some freaky opponents to it, don’t get me wrong, but most of these things are not to be acted out by scare-actors. The maze does though have a very cool finale, scenes that will disorient you, and does a great job portraying the dark elements of dark magic. Black Magic.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Probably the best part of this maze, would have been the Skeleton Key Room. Guests gather around a table and take a seat in a seance session where Houdini’s spirit will be called. The lights turn off, and Houdini is called. Only problem, the seance called him from eternal rest and he’s pretty pissed! He tries to come in through mirrors on the wall, and eventually gives the seance lady a static shock as the table shakes and the room’s lights go crazy.20140925_203107 (Large)

Pinocchio Unstrung; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 8 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 8.3

  •  Awesome! Puppets taking revenge is cool, Pinocchio’s funky story line turned into a revenge-plot, AWESOME! This maze was pretty long, and very popular. I can definitely see why it was this popular. The scenes in genera are very dark inside, and the characters all look very much like a nightmare version of this famous tale. Exactly what I wanted to see, and apparently the guests there agreed. The maze includes so many different scenes related to the original story that I can hardly remember all of them. There isn’t much to actually say about this maze, besides the fact that it’s pretty freaky, very nicely decorated, and a great experience.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Pinocchio is very frustrated, and will ask guests what they know of his story, he then presents how he’ll take revenge by showing a creepy little puppet show. He then presents where he locked up the fairy, and sends you out into the maze, it’s short, simple, but creepy and a fun start to the maze. 20140925_210452 (Large) 20140925_210456 (Large)

Gunslinger’s Grave; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 9 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 8.7

  • This maze is almost like a small predecessor to Voodoo. The maze totally suits Knott’s. You (weirdly enough) don’t hear as much of Gunslinger’s Grave as you hear from several other mazes at Scary Farm, but Gunslinger’s Grave stood out to me. It’s scary enough to freak guests out, which is mainly due to the awesome sets. You walk in and out of farms, stores, mines, etc. Something I really like. The entire maze portrays a western town, and it does so very well. This is definitely one of the best mazes at the park, and I really hope to see it return for a couple of years, since this maze sums up everything we can think of of the old west, puts it into one frightening maze. Awesome indeed.
  • Skeleton Key Room: Guests will be brought in a lady’s home and are warned to close the door behind them and stay away from the window. A gunman is outside of their house looking for her and her husband. Only problem, we (guests) are with her. The room features a screen that portrays a window, and we can see the gunman stare in. He realizes the lady’s in there and comes in. The lady is beaten, as suddenly the husband comes in to help. Guest will then see how the lady is treated through the window, which is pretty spine-chilling, and are then send out of the house by the husband to flee… flee into the Gunslinger’s Grave. This is one of the better Skeleton Key Rooms with a wonderful introduction to the maze.20140925_190050 (Large)

Voodoo; Scare Rating: 8 Set Rating: 10 Experience Rating: 9 FINAL Rating: 9

  •  Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo… Where to begin… This maze has shown that Knott’s hasn’t lost it yet, or will lose it for a while. This is among the best mazes in the world, a simple fact. I’m sure you’ve read it elsewhere. Voodoo lived up to its expectations, there’s no denying it. Voodoo’s the best Maze at Scary Farm. The actors were perfect, the theme is very alternative but executed perfectly. Yes, a 10 out of 10 rating, it’s that perfect. Guests get to choose their own path throughout this maze, and there’s a lot of different paths you can take. Voodoo takes place in a New Orleans swamp, and the park made the swamp look amazingly real. The beginning of the maze (or first half) was all over the ‘water’ on wooden piers on which many different huts, or houses, were located. The maze was fantastically detailed, from dead bodies in the water, to crocodiles, to thousands of ritual candles and symbols on altars. The second half included the swampy forest with sand rather than the usual concrete floors. The music and lighting for the maze was also perfect. There really isn’t anything I disliked, besides the fact that I wish it was longer. But, just get back in line, and take a different path I’d say. Perfect maze.
  • Skeleton Key Room: The best skeleton key room, by far! The guests will knock on the door of the New Orleans house, and will be welcomed by the Voodoo priest and his assistant. His assistant tells a wonderful story of how to survive the cursed swamps that await, by the use of Zombie dust. Though one of the people in the room will be selected… she says. Everyone is then put into a coffin… –Which is totally insanely awesome!!– The doors close and the lights turn off. The pitch-black coffin starts shaking and the Voodoo priest speaks to you. Suddenly holes in the side of the coffin loudly blow air towards the guests. It gets silent, and suddenly the back of the coffin opens… Guest exit through the back of the coffin in a different hallway full of black-lights, and exit towards the entrance of the Voodoo maze, where they instantly get to choose a path. The experience of being put in the coffin is amazing, something very unique, and a very intense idea for many. I absolutely loved it. If there’s one skeleton room that’s already worth paying the additional key and fright-lane costs for, it’s Voodoo.20140925_224156 (Large)

This year’s Knott’s Scary Farm is incredible! Come check it out, I’m sure they can’t wait to ‘See you in the fog’…

Check out the Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest 2014 Maze Ratings and Reviews here! For sister park’s California’s Great America’s Haunt 2014 Maze Reviews, please click here. And for the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest 2014 Maze Reviews, click here.

Please comment your favorite maze, or skeleton key room below! Please share this with all your Scary Farm going friends and family! (Check out the Show review, and overall opening night opening, here!).

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We’re especially looking for a Northern California (Bay Area) correspondent, that could attend events and provide updates from the 4 parks we cover in that region. (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, California’s Great America, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Gilroy Gardens). As well as the water parks there.

Additionally, we’re looking for a San Diego area correspondent, to extend our coverage of SeaWorld, Legoland and Belmont Park.

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Twisted Colossus track placed — Magic Mountain Update 20th of September

Today was another day in which I saw A LOT of changes at the Mountain. We’ve got them all here! Including a Twisted Colossus update, since the pre-lift is partially placed!

First off, Fright Fest starts in exactly one week! Meaning, Demon’s Door is finally being constructed!20140920_140015 (Large) 20140920_140009 (Large) 20140920_140005 (Large) The gas tanks for the flame-throwers in the fountain (which are part of Demon’s Door) have arrived! The flame-throwers on the other hand, haven’t. 20140920_140052 (Large)

Bugs Bunny World’s Harvest Fest theming is popping up!20140920_165717 (Large) 20140920_165709 (Large) Nightmares scare-zone. Only sad thing, there’s sooo many Holiday in the Park lights, that if they accidentally turn on the wrong switch is more of a winter wonderland dream…  20140920_153633 (Large)

Ravenstitch!20140920_152702 (Large) 20140920_152651 (Large)20140920_152713 (Large) The Aftermath Queue has been positioned. Not much about the scare zone has changed. I just don’t remember seeing this particular tilted car. So I took a pic! 20140920_152851 (Large) 20140920_152823 (Large) I forgot to take a picture of the Chupacabra truck last week, so here it is!20140920_153804 (Large) City under Seige (Fright Fest) meet Holiday in the Park!20140920_152452 (Large)

Though no signage of Total Darkness has been placed on the building yet. The lights are ready to go!20140920_152006 (Large)

It seems as if the entrance to the Garden of Darkness is located at the old exit of Black Widow. The line for this maze has been placed as well.20140920_141333 (Large) Instead of the main-plaza, this Fright Fest icon is now located on top of Samurai Summit!20140920_141309 (Large) Exhile lighting is ready to go!20140920_141237 (Large) 20140920_141227 (Large)

Voodoo nights was in rehearsal for next weekend. Michael Turco, the Magician from Magic and Mayhem helped set-up the show, so I met him there coincidentally. Make sure to come see his show during Fright Fest with the all you can eat Whilloughby’s Buffet. 20140920_145355 (Large) 20140920_170843 (Large) Buy your Fright Fest souvenirs at FLAGS now!20140920_154045 (Large)

Let’s move on to a bunch of regular park things. The entrance plaza has now received the 2015 spiel. Stating that the park was voted best in the USA, and a lengthy description of Twisted Colossus. 20140920_133104 (Large)I saw Lex Luthor testing today, the gondolas are back on the track. Should open up soon. Hopefully by Fright Fest, it’s awesome to drop into all the fog from the event.20140920_165950 (Large) Most rides in DC universe have these new sheets in the ride lines, so guests can’t ‘play’ with the Holiday in the Park lights.20140920_152448 (Large) Speaking of CD Universe, the Teen Titans Pizza place is entirely decked in lights as well.20140920_152516 (Large)Swashbuckler may return at some point… but it sure will return looking refreshed! I like the colors, it’s something different! 20140920_145754 (Large) 20140920_145752 (Large)There’s a lot of Holiday in the Park lights going up, let’s look at some places that received them during the week.20140920_153724 (Large) 20140920_153544 (Large) 20140920_145427 (Large)

The Cyber Cafe has Chrome-book laptops in place now! Really nice!20140920_140127 (Large)The NINJA AFTERMATH! 20140920_141241 (Large) I had to exit the park during my visit, and returned later, suddenly the bus stopped due to a Hurricane Harbor flash flood. Here’s the first few seconds.20140920_164343 (Large) Here’s when the bus couldn’t continue and we had to get off.20140920_164754 (Large) Here’s the water flooding down the parking lot.20140920_164937 (Large) The water poored out really quickly. When I walked back to my car afterwards, half the lot was flooded, pretty funny. The park handled it well, it wasn’t as much of a chaos it could’ve been. 20140920_164943 (Large)


Twisted Colossus has made progress. A LOT OF PROGRESS. Let’s take a look.

The entire first drop has been dismantled!

20140920_131044 (Large) 20140920_131151 (Large) The bunny-hops (small hills) on the side are currently being removed.20140920_131154 (Large) There’s lots of wood and track everywhere!20140920_130850 (Large) 20140920_130936 (Large) That’s some twisty track there! Zero-G-roll I assume.20140920_130955 (Large) MORE TRACK!20140920_131012 (Large) 20140920_131745 (Large) It’s quite dificult to see, but the inside of the structure that upholds the future ‘High-Five’ element is filled with piles and piles of demolished Colossus wood!20140920_131213 (Large) The ride-exit has been blocked off since that part of the ride has been dismantled as well. 20140920_152157 (Large) Look! No more pre-lift over here either. And all track pieces have been moved. No worries, there’s a lot more wood stored here now. 20140920_152138 (Large)And… it’s time to SERIOUSLY GET TWISTED! The first parts of the pre-lift have been placed!20140920_170226 (Large) 20140920_170216 (Large) 20140920_170207 (Large) 20140920_170159 (Large) It’s so pretty from up-close! And it’s actually a lot bigger than I initially expected the Iron Horse track to be! 20140920_170155 (Large) 20140920_170153 (Large)

Well, I really did save the best for last! The update in general only covers what’s new in the last 6 days. So I highly encourage you to check-out last week’s HUGE update here!

Please share this update, and it’s Twistedly wonderful news with your friends on social media, and comment your thoughts below! Are you visiting this year’s Fright Fest?

California’s Great America Halloween Haunt 2014

We in California are very lucky with many amazing Halloween events! California’s Great America started their Halloween event in 2008, and has grown to become one of the best! Let’s look at their line-up for 2014.

Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America will begin frightening and scaring guests Sept. 26 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and keep the evil running through Nov. 1. Halloween Haunt is open from 7 p.m.-Midnight most nights and on Fridays and Saturdays from Oct. 17-Nov. 1 until 1 a.m.

FJ5A9151 (Large)

This year’s Scare-zones!

  • The Gauntlet – Deep within the fog, screams of pure panic pierce the night, as never before in the history of man have such bizarre creatures been seen. You see, a strange traveling carnival has made The Gauntlet their home. The forces of darkness manifest themselves in a strange collection of freaks and oddities fueled by the haunting melodies of the nearby CarnEvil. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this playground of terror.
  • Underworld Alley – As night falls the Army of the Dead is awakened from their graves, looking to wreak havoc on those brave enough to enter their graveyard. These recently departed and tattered souls are lost in a world of transition and searching for the next soul to join them in a horrifying syndicate of wickedness known as Underworld Alley.
  • Ironworx (NEW!) – A world of flesh and machine, of gears and steam offers a journey through the streets of steam punk battlefield influenced by a city of dead where blood is power.

This year’s Mazes!

  • Roadkill Roadhouse – NEW IN 2014! This roadhouse is a very delicious restaurant loaded with ribs and steaks out of livestock.Roadkill Roadhouse (Large)
  • Wax Museum Chamber of Horror – NEW IN 2014! The Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum has reopened, and for this limited time, Miss Lizzie invites you to examine her collection of some of the most feared villains, murderers, criminals and miscreants imaginable.Wax Museum logo (Large)
  • CarnEvil – Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and don’t be shy! The most gruesome carnival is back in town.
  • CornSTALKERS – A cult of evil scarecrows lie in wait in this overgrown path of debris, hay bales and cornstalks
  • Dia de los Muertos – Venture into the forbidden jungle of El Chupacabra where sacrificial blood rains down from the sky.
  • Madame Marie’s Massacre Manor – Louisiana’s wealthiest heiress, Madame Marie has perfected the art of Voodoo. Enter her Manor with caution as there is nothing richer in her eyes than blood. Your visit in her lavish home will leave you breathless.
  • Toy Factory – Once a place where dreams were made, this toy factory is now a place where nightmares come true!
  • Zombie High – The hallowed halls of Zombie High beckon you back to a horrific homecoming of flesh eating hellions.

 LIVE Entertainment!

  • Blades of Horror – The now condemned Good Time Theater breeds a terrifying, bizarre spectacle staring the undead stars of horror movies past.
  • Academy of the Villains – Academy of Villains will open your eyes to a world of wonder, glory and of villians (Large)
  • Nytewalkers – The sun has set and the outbreak has begun! Join this zombie crew as they defy gravity in search for a good party.Nytewalkers (Large)

Unique other Experiences!

  • Mirror, Mirror (NEW!) – Visitors are sucked into a Masquerade world whenever they look into a mirror and leave them begging the question “who’s the fairest of them all?” . The funhouse-like mirror maze will travel along a nonlinear path guaranteed to get visitors lost and confused.Mirror Mirror (Large)
  • Fun House Express – Jimmy operates a broken down fun house ride that is more than what you might think. Your car creaks and rolls on a track through the flimsy looking fun house. Then, Jimmy drops us through a trap door and sends us on a hilarious and wild underground ride through a spooky and crazy world of his own called ‘Clown Chaos’.

The park keeps improving with a great variety of Haunt experiences. This year, Haunt at California’s Great America is also offering Fright Lane with Skeleton Key for it’s guests, at an additional fee of course. Find more info for your Fright Lane with Skeleton Key here!

For the SoCal Cedar Fair version, Knott’s Scary Farm, please check out their announcements here!

Fright Fest 2014 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Just like Six Flags Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest will run from September 27th through November 1st, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The opening hours on the other hand are totally different, so before we get to the line-up of awesome terrorizing thrills, here’s the SFDK Fright Fest operating hours;

Fridays (Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31):  4 p.m. ? 10 p.m.

Saturdays (Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, Nov. 1): 12 noon ? 10 p.m.

Saturday Special Hours (Oct. 17, 24, 31): 4 p.m.? 12 midnight

Sundays (Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26): 12 noon ? 9 p.m.


This year’s shows!

  • The Awakening – Dusk falls and darkness dictates the witching hour when the park is transformed during this nightly ceremony to welcome the living dead.
  • Dance Macabre – It’s a deadly party on the plaza as the moon brings out a beastly shuffle, hop, step in this spooky dance production.
  • The Aftermath – Nightly high-energy closing dance show will make hearts skip a beat.
  • Drench Rocks! – This high-energy dolphin show showcases the athleticism of bottlenose dolphins.
  • Witch’s Brew and Island Zoo – Nocturnal creatures and the like populate this bewitching tale.
  • Hypnotist Steve Bayner – a hypnotic show for those that dare.


This year’s Scare Zones!

  • Cirkus Berzerkus – Visit this chaotic scare zone where murderous clowns run rampant in the moonlight, praying on the darkest fears of its victims.
  • Bloodbath Bayou – This not-so-tranquil lagoon is filled with monstrous crocodiles, decaying zombies, scaly beasts and other unexpected inhabitants.
  • Arachnid Alley – Everyone’s worst fears come true as supersized spiders become a living nightmare.
  • Mt. Rotting Cemetery – Are there truly the living dead on the cemetery grounds? The only way to find out is a visit to this dilapidated cemetery, where there are more dead than living.six-flagsfright-fest-1-538212-regular

This year’s MAZES!

Guests need wristbands for the mazes, wristbands are sold for $15 in-park and on-line!

  • NEW! The Boathouse at Blood Lake – Is the fisherman’s shack truly deserted or not? Only the brave who venture in will find out. It’s dark, creepy and eerily quiet and the lake is blood red. (click here for a detailed background story provided by Six Flags)
  • Massacre Mine – Explore an abandoned Gold Rush mine in search of gold, but be careful because terror lurks around every corner of this decrepit mine. (click here for a detailed background story provided by Six Flags)
  • Arsenic and Arania’s Nightmare Manor – After Nicholas Nightmare’s untimely death, his eccentric twin daughters were left to fend for themselves. Living alone in this 13-room manor eventually went insane. Venturing into this dark, gothic setting must face the madness and mind games. (click here for a detailed background story provided by Six Flags)
  • Slaughter House Pig Farm – This formerly condemned family-owned pork-processing plant once served human-flesh to unsuspecting customers. The slaughter house has reopened but the mystery meat remains a mystery. (click here for a detailed background story provided by Six Flags)
  • Captain Bloat’s Shipwreck of Horror – The remnants of a 200-year-old shipwreck remains and is guarded by the ghost of evil pirate, Captain Bloat, determined to ensure no one gets close enough to find the treasure. (click here for a detailed background story provided by Six Flags)
  • Scrapyard of the Dead – The workers of this ominous yet raucous junkyard are dead, but they don’t know it. They just wander the grounds adding to their stockpile of scrap and debris. (click here for a detailed background story provided by Six Flags)PigMan_1 (Large)

Ride Make-overs!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom actually uses a lot of their rides for additional chills during the night, by semi-re-theming them. Below’s a list of all names!

  • Boomerang Coast to Terror
  • Vertical Velocity Rodent Attack
  • The Medusa Witch
  • Lost Souls of Kong
  • Cobra Monster Mine
  • Hammerhead Shark Infested (NEW!)
  • VooDoo Siren Song
  • Thunder Road Zombie Invasion
  • Sky Screamer Orc Attack
  • Sky Coaster Mind Melt

All have some very interesting back-stories. Very cool, and definitely something other parks in the chain should do too. To read all background stories of each ride, scare zone, show and maze. Click here!

The park’s Fright Fest event will officially start each of the operating nights at 6pm, with an introduction show at 5’45pm. Happy Fright Fest everyone! Discover the dark side of the Kingdom!

Fright Fest Banner

Batman the Ride -Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Quick overlook

Batman: The Ride is an S&S Free Spin 4th Dimensional roller coaster. Riders can flip upside down at least six times throughout the ride in an uncontrolled manner. The ride is the first of its kind. news_batmantheridesanaThe coaster will be located where Motorama Turnpike was on the northern most part of the Rockville section of the park.  Hints for Batman: The Ride started in mid-summer before the announcement, with for sale signs placed in many Rockville themed shops along with a balloon at Motorama Turnpike.  In August 2014, Fiesta Texas announced the closure of one of the parks original rides, Motorama Turnpike and, and the award winning show, Rockin’ at Rockville High, a fifties themed high school dance show. Batman: The Ride was officially announced on August 28, 2014, the day of all of Six Flag’s 2015 season announcements.  The area will continue to have a 50’s theme, but the area around Batman: the Ride will be complete, with the traditional bat mobile, bat signal, and other Batman paraphernalia. vid_batmantheride1 The ride will utilize a vertical lift, taking riders up 120 ft, and dropping them 54 ft at a top speed of 38 mph.  Although the seats do flip freely, there are magnetic kickers on each seat as well, to guarantee at least 6 flips per ride.

The Ride Stats released by Six Flags Fiesta Texas

BATMAN™: The Ride represents the latest coastering technology and design, delivering a fully unique, total environment thrill coaster which employs the world’s first magnetic coaster technology. The utterly innovative design of the ride delivers a brand new thrilling experience that is the only one of its kind in the world. Magnetic fins cause you to flip as you fly over the top of a 12-story hill and two beyond vertical drops. Then you’ll take flight over a steel track which delivers six full inversions. You’ll descend down two beyond-90-degree raven drops, incorporating the stomach-shaking sensation of true freefall right in the middle of the ride!btrlogo (Large)

BATMAN: The Ride employs ultra-modern magnetic technology, which causes riders to flip head over heels with the feeling of pure weightlessness. There’s no other coaster in the world which feels like this! A full-scale Batmobile, the Bat-Signal, plus cutting edge special effects throughout the ride make this the ultimate way to experience the world of BATMAN.

  • 12-story lift
  • 6 full inversions
  • 2 beyond 90-degree raven drops

Our opinion!

We think it’s awesome that a Six Flags park is the first to install this innovative new S&S coaster. Since riders aren’t ‘forced’ to ride either backwards nor forwards for half the ride, this seems to be a revolutionized Zac Spin. Perhaps Six Flags realized that after Green Lantern: First Flight was installed at Six Flags Magic Mountain that it was actually not that great of a ride. So we’re happy to see them try out this new prototype. Perhaps the name of the coaster isn’t that original, but finding a NON B&M Batman The Ride clone in the first place is pretty unique already. Besides Six Flags Mexico, all other Batman The Ride coasters are B&M Inverted Batman Clones.vid_batmantheride4

We’re quite sure that it’ll be a success as the harnesses don’t seem to be a real hassle for dispatch rates, and due to magnetic brakes along the ride, the riders should be able to flip up-side-down six times! When it comes to the general lay-out of the ride… It’s not the largest, but we need to keep in mind that it’s the first of it’s kind. We’re actually most excited for the first 3 hills on top. It sure must be awesome to freely spin that high above the ground in vehicles like that.

Overall, we’d say that this seems to be a great new experience, and though Zac Spins and 4D coasters exist, this one is sure very unique. Besides this new ride, there are only 2 rides alike in the united states that either freely-spinning, or are a controlled version. Green Lantern: First Flight and X2, both at Six Flags Magic Mountain here in Valencia, CA.

Here’s the video announcement provided by Six Flags:

Check out TWISTED COLOSSUS, new for Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015, HERE!

Twisted Colossus Construction and 2015 Banners at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Twisted Colossus Construction and 2015 Banners at Six Flags Magic Mountain

I ran to Six Flags Magic Mountain real quick for some pictures of the construction going on over at Twisted Colossus. I also got some quick shots of the new banners for the 2015 season I saw everywhere. 20140901_160206 (Large) I’m always wondering where the previous banners go! I’d love to own one! 😀20140901_162919 (Large) YAY! The one Spanish banner is back! 20140901_162839 (Large) My guess is that after this special SALE weekend, guests can now purchase two (and perhaps 2+) passes for $74.99 each and get the free gold upgrade. It’s better than the 4 or more and free gold, but this offer may end a lot sooner! (Trying to figure out)?20140901_162853 (Large)Most Flashpass entrances have a new sign attached, promoting the Flash series.20140901_164805 (Large)

Moving on to the construction part of the quick update, Twisted Colossus is on the way, lots of wood already demolished. 20140901_164411 (Large) It’s incredibly hard to photograph, but the side shown below has the entire final brake run demolished.20140901_164355 (Large) It has the entire pre-lift demolished too, only thing left away from the main structure (on this side) is the station. 20140901_164306 (Large) 20140901_164248 (Large) 20140901_164251 (Large) 20140901_164254 (Large)

Looking at the construction already being on it’s way, hopefully drastic changes will be made to the huge overall structure soon, this should be one of the coolest construction processes!20140901_161439 (Large) Lots of containers with hopefully lots of RMC goods!20140901_161518 (Large) 20140901_161946 (Large) The crane’s taking a weekend off, it should be used a lot soon! Also, the lights shining on the structure, I hope they’ll get replaced so that Twisted Colossus can look truly phenomenal at night! 20140901_161941 (Large) Look at the old camel-backs where they built the brake section over, soon it’ll be a Top Gun Stall!20140901_161952 (Large) 20140901_162010 (Large) Here’s all the wood that has already been scrapped, above you can see some of it too.20140901_162030 (Large) 20140901_162044 (Large) 20140901_162057 (Large)

That was pretty much it, you’ll see lots of updates in the future, pretty much weekly! Have a great day! LET’S GET TWISTED!

Twisted Colossus! Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015!

Six Flags Magic Mountain, the “Thrill Capital of the World,” and voted by USA TODAY readers as America’s Best Theme Park,  today unveiled plans for the highly anticipated, world-record-breaking hybrid coaster, Twisted Colossus, an unprecedented, awe-inspiring four-minute journey through nearly 5,000 feet of track and two lift hills.news_twistedcolossusla

At Six Flags, innovation is in our DNA and with Twisted Colossus, innovation will go to an extreme level with record-breaking elements, faster speeds and steeper banks.  This cutting-edge technology marries the best of both classic and modern coaster designs. It is definitely a twist on a traditional wooden coaster experience,” said park president Bonnie Rabjohn.

Here’s the video first!

Twisted Colossus, the next generation of the beloved wooden roller coaster that thrilled millions of guests in its 36-year reign at the park, will be a unique technological marvel combining an iconic wooden structure with state-of-the-art Iron Horse Track. The advanced technology, available exclusively at Six Flags, provides ride experiences never before possible on wooden coasters, such as over-banked turns and inversions. Twisted Colossus will feature numerous exciting components including a “Top Gun” element, the western hemisphere’s first “High Five” element, and a Zero G Roll.gallery_twistedcolossus2b

With its unique construction, Twisted Colossus will feature:

  • “Top Gun Stall” – an inversion where the train slows down upside down
  • Western Hemisphere’s first “High Five” – where two trains pass through an overbanked turn facing each other with the illusion that you can reach out and “high five” other ridersgallery_twistedcolossus1_0 (Large)
  • Zero G Roll where track twists 360 degrees
  • A staggering 128-foot drop at an amazing 80-degrees
  • 18 airtime hills
  • Two lift hills
  • Four minutes of thrills on nearly 5,000 feet of track – longest hybrid coaster in the world

Twisted Colossus will be the focal point of the newly themed area, Back Alley, where you can expect the unexpected through whimsical experiences in entertainment, food and retail. The original Colossus wooden coaster opened on June 29, 1978 and offered its farewell run on August 17, 2014. gallery_twistedcolossus4b

Twisted Colossus — the World’s Longest Hybrid Coaster

  • Opening Date: Spring 2015
  • Height Restriction: Must be at least 48” tall
  • Location: Twisted Colossus will be the focal point of the newly themed area, Back Alley, where guests can expect the unexpected through whimsical experiences in entertainment, food and retail.
  • Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain Constructiontwistedcolossuslogowhite (Large)We believe it’s simply amazing what Six Flags will be doing to the Colossus. Not only will it have some unique features and break some records, but it will be featuring a new area with new colors, stores, restaurants, etc. Hopefully Scream! will get some love too! We’re glad it didn’t become an inversion fest, but rather some awesome air-time and fun elements ‘machine’! We can’t wait, and we’re sure you can’t either!

For Six Flags Discovery Kingdoms Dare Devil Chaos; click HERE.

Here’s all Six Flags 2015 announcements in ONE video;


Dare Devil Chaos! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015!

What goes around, comes around, and in the case of the new Dare Devil Chaos Coaster opening at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, guests will find an exciting new thrill ride guaranteed to get their adrenaline pumping.daredevilchaoscoasterlogo

Dare Devil Chaos Coaster is a single looping coaster that builds anticipation as riders seated back to back travel backwards and forwards until momentum takes them at top speed revolutions, only to stop upside down at 70 feet high and reverse direction.

“This is a great new addition to our line-up of world class rides and attractions, and is sure to be fun for all,” said Don McCoy, park president. “What appears to be a simple track is really complex and riders will have a great time anticipating the inversion they know is coming.”vid_daredevil1

Dare Devil Chaos Coaster marks the ninth roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom that includes mega thrill coasters like Medusa, V2, Kong, Roar and SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight, plus milder coasters for younger riders like Cobra, Boomerang and Road Runner Express.

In a single looping track, riders will experience anticipation, suspense, anxiety and unbridled thrills making full revolutions both forward and reverse seven stories high.sfdk_daredevilchaoscoaster_1a (Large)

Facts: Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

  • Single looping coaster
  • Travels both backwards and forwards
  • Top speed revolutions
  • Upside down at 70 feet high
  • Seats 24 passengers
  • Minimum height of 48” to ride.

We think this is a great addition to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Line-Up due to the fact that the park hasn’t a lot of space, and does Flat-Rides very well! The images above seem to show it located at the current Season-pass processing center, at Oasis Plaza. Though the chain placed four of these, we think Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the most appropriate park for this expansion!

For Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Twisted Colossus click HERE.

Here’s the video of all Six Flags 2015 attractions;

Six Flags Magic Mountain Update for August 24th 2014

As we were at Six Flags Magic Mountain today, were actually some interesting things changing that were worth the attention. So here we go;

X2 had both flamethrowers working all day! (We stood and watched it forever, and rode it, to make sure it was functioning ride after ride).20140824_115639 (Large) Even at noon there were a bunch of people buying tickets. Once inside the park, no lines really!20140824_120400 (Large) That’s Red’s Revenge in the distance! Ready for Fright Fest? (For those who don’t recognize it, it’s the old Flashback queue/ storage area, that has been entirely enclosed to become a HUGE new maze!)20140824_123127 (Large) If you participated in the ‘save driving’ campaign over at Golden Bear, you got to ride Revolution and Viper ’til 9, although the park closed at 8! (We didn’t do it, since we had a small interview with DJ Nel and Ricky Rocks).20140824_123245 (Large)

Very exciting! The Waterfront restaurants received new colors and paint! It looks fresh, and not as fallen apart and rotten like before! Let’s hope the water actually returns some day! 20140824_123937 (Large) 20140824_124019 (Large) Superman was closed all day! Not sure why, we’ll try to find out soon. 20140824_144516 (Large) There was a cool band playing at Katy’s Kettle, we haven’t seen that before. Very NICE touch! 20140824_161302 (Large) The new maze is being constructed right now. It will make the entire Willoughby’s collection complete! The Garden of Darkness will replace Black Widow that used to be housed in the pagoda for the last 2 years.20140824_144250 (Large) Funny, yet depressing to see Deja Vu on a new Magic Mountain shirt… haha.20140824_143156 (Large)Full Throttle nights now runs weekends only through Fright Fest! We had an awesome interview with DJ Nel and Ricky Rocks, which will follow this week. 20140824_195506 (Large)Regarding COLOSSUS, the track that wasn’t used for a while, (before it closed even) is missing the track for the pre-lift. The announcements are Thursday the 28th, so stay tuned, but it is very likely going to be Twisted Colossus, an Iron Horse masterpiece. But that’s officially a rumor. 😉

Is Cedar Fair B&M’s New Playground? 4 Years of Record-breakers.

Now the newest B&M masterpiece, Fury 325 has been announced for Carowinds, we notice an awesome pattern between Cedar Fair and B&M. Which benefited both immensely the last couple of years. Ever since Cedar Fair decided to install Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland in 2012, the B&M record breakers kept coming. Is Cedar Fair B&M’s new playground?

Flashing back to 2011, when Leviathan was announced, it was a year after the second Giga Coaster was built in North America. Intimidator 305, the second Intamin Giga. Sadly, it had several issues, including a reconstruction of part of the track to reduce forces on riders. B&M had a range of hypers at Cedar Fair parks, all pretty recent additions, such as Behemoth (CWonderland), Diamondback (KI), and Intimidator (CWinds), but B&M never exceeded the 300ft ‘Giga’ mark.leviathan8

But that’s where it all started, Leviathan, being one foot taller than I305, was 306 ft tall, and a B&M coaster. Something many didn’t expect to come around for a while. Leviathan also had a wonderful speed of 92MPH, a spacious layout with a track-length of almost 5,500 ft, and delivered riders a 3 and a half minute ride. Was it a huge risk to ask B&M to build there next huge coaster of $28,000,000, we don’t think so. B&M has been reliable over the years, and after the Intamin issues before, B&M was a great manufacturer.Picture 13

Some people were a little skeptical to the layout of Leviathan, as it seemed rather simplistic, and another wonderful hyper, Behemoth, was located at the same park. But Leviathan ran really smoothly, and was a hit with the public. The B&M ‘Giga’ was born.

Not that there weren’t many B&M’s at Cedar Fair parks before, but the record-breaking B&M’s were now to be added to the chain each year. In 2012, Cedar Fair announced the addition of Gatekeeper for Cedar Point. Gatekeeper would sweep all other B&M Wingriders off the charts, as it was going to break all records. Gatekeeper was to open in May of 2013 as the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest Wingrider, with the world’s tallest inversion at a 170 ft.GateKeeper09-1600wx1035h

Gatekeeper was installed and opened May 11th of 2013. The ride was a hit, due to it’s spectacular interaction with the park’s new entrance. The ride was about 4,200 ft long, 170 ft tall, had a top speed of 67 MPH, and included a whopping 6 inversions. Just like Leviathan, it was a huge hit with the public, and although some described it as rather force-less, the sheer size of this $25,000,000 steel beast was incomparable with other coasters of it’s kind.GateKeeperHighRes

Just like it couldn’t get better, Cedar Fair announced a 3rd record breaker from B&M in row. In 2013, Cedar Fair announced the world’s longest Inverted Coaster, Banshee, for Kings Island. Banshee was going to feature everything innovative that B&M could install on their inverted coasters, and included a layout never seen before. The layout that was built with respect to the ‘hilly’ terrain wouldn’t reach it’s top speed ’til the Batwing half way through the ride. Banshee was going to replace the previous record-breaker, but hell-on-wheels Son Of Beast, with a huge Batwing, 2 vertical loops, and a first In-Line-Twist.Banshee06_8x10_300dpi (Large)

Construction started the day of the announcement, and in April of 2014, Banshee opened to the public. The record-breaker featured the vest-harness B&M inverted trains, the first of its kind, and was slightly faster than Gatekeeper with a top speed of 68 MPH. Banshee included some awesome elements that were another hit with the public, and had one more inversion than Gatekeeper, 7. There weren’t many B&M Inverted Coaster additions for a short period, but after the success of Banshee, we expect more to be built in the future.img_hdr_KI14_2

One should realize that although there were plenty B&M hypers in the chain, Leviathan was a very revolutionary one, scattering the records within the chain. Also, though there weren’t any wing-riders in the chain yet, Cedar Fair installed a B&M masterpiece that was a fairly new kind of coaster that brought serious competition to all other parks in the world that installed a wing-rider. Lastly for now, though the Cedar Fair chain has many, many B&M Inverted coasters, Banshee topped all of them. Cedar Fair built a bigger, and arguably better, Inverted Coaster.

Before we take a look at the coaster that over takes it all, Fury 325, the pattern should show enthusiasts why Cedar Fair went with B&M, and went this BIG. B&M’s are known to be very reliable, they run long hours, and don’t break down often. B&M’s also have crazy capacity. All rides mentioned run 3 trains, and Gatekeeper and Banshee both cycle through about 1,700 guests an hour. This is one of the reasons why Banshee and Gatekeeper had their millionth rider within the fist few weeks of operations. Now if one combines the two factors with the guests satisfaction, one will realize that B&M’s are a win-win situation to Cedar Fair, and Cedar Fair is the new home for the masterpiece-coasters display. B&M is asked to play around with their amazing coasters at Cedar Fair properties, B&M has found an awesome playground/sand box.

Now let’s take a look at the even bigger record-breaker in the Cedar Fair chain, FURY 325! This new B&M masterpiece will be the fourth B&M record breaker in the chain in 4 years, and will take the record for tallest and fastest Giga coaster in the world. It will also be the longest steel coaster in North America.ca_render1_rotator2

Fury 325 will come to Carowinds in spring of 2015, and will stand an amazing 325 feet tall, it will be a unique experience that will drag riders through a great amount of fun movements over a track that’s about 6,600 feet long. Fury 325 will have a duration similar to Leviathan, and will take riders on a 3 minute and 25 second journey. It’ll be one degree steeper than Leviathan, and will plunge towards the earth with an 81′ degree drop-angle.5. Fury 325 layout

We think of Fury 325 as the improved version of Leviathan. Leviathan was a first for B&M, and now B&M and Cedar Fair can improve on it. One will likely notice the awesome aspects of Leviathan returning, with some interesting high-thrill new elements. Overall we love the modern look of the ride, the paint-scheme will be something new, and the name Fury 325 is interesting. Very interesting, especially the slogan! ‘FEEL THE STING’fury_layout_zoom

Let us know what you think of fury 325, and what’s your favorite new record-breaking B&M addition’ form over the last 4 years? Would you expect 2016 to bring another record breaking B&M to the chain? Comment below, and please share with friends enthusiasts, etc!

Seaworld Expands Killer Whale Habitat – Blue World Project




SAN DIEGO (Aug. 15, 2014)  SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it plans to build new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments and that it will fund new programs to protect ocean health and killer whales in the wild. The new projects will build on SeaWorld’s legacy of providing state-of-the-art, innovative, homes for its animals, and will offer park guests unique and inspiring killer whale encounters for generations to come. As part of its vision for the future, the company also pledged $10 million in matching funds for killer whale research and is embarking on a multi-million dollar partnership focused on ocean health, the leading concern for all killer whales and marine mammals.thumb_image_8613

For 50 years, SeaWorld has transformed how the world views marine life. The unprecedented access to marine mammals that our parks provide has increased our knowledge of the ocean and inspired generations,” said Jim Atchison, Chief Executive Officer and President of SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. “Our new killer whale homes and research initiatives have just as bold a vision: to advance global understanding of these animals, to educate, and to inspire conservation efforts to protect killer whales in the wild.”SEA Beach View (Large)

Transformational New Environments

The first of the new environments will be built at SeaWorld San Diego where the killer whale environment is planned to have a total water volume of 10 million gallons, nearly double that of the existing facility. With a planned maximum depth of 50 feet, surface area of nearly 1.5 acres and spanning more than 350 feet in length, the new environment will also have views exceeding 40 feet in height, providing guests with the world’s largest underwater viewing experience of killer whales.SEA Underwater View (Large)

Named the Blue World Project because of its size and scope, the new environment will allow for increased engagement with SeaWorld experts through new enriching experiences and other interactive programs. The environment will enhance the educational experience for guests, foster deeper knowledge of killer whales and their ocean environment and inspire them to celebrate and conserve the natural world.SEA SWSD Site Plan (Large)

Through up-close and personal encounters, the new environment will transform how visitors experience killer whales,” said Atchison. “Our guests will be able to walk alongside the whales as if they were at the shore, watch them interact at the depths found in the ocean, or a birds-eye view from above.”thumb_image_8615

Expanding on SeaWorld’s legacy of leading-edge animal environment design, the enlarged environment will provide killer whales with even more dynamic opportunities. It will support the whales’ broad range of behaviors and provide choices that can challenge the whales both physically and mentally. Among other things, it is planned to include a “fast water current” that allows whales to swim against moving water, thus functionally increasing speed and diversity. Innovative features focused on husbandry and animal care will offer SeaWorld’s animal health professionals and independent scientists unique access to the whales that can lead to a better understanding and care of the animals both in the parks and in the wild.thumb_image_8614

The San Diego environment is expected to open to the public in 2018 with new killer whale homes to follow at SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld San Antonio.

Killer Whale Research

As part of the Blue World Project, SeaWorld has committed $10 million in matching funds focused on threats to killer whales in the wild, especially those identified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration related to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale. That includes new projects already funded this year: one that will help to understand the hearing ranges of killer whales and the other that will provide insight into nutritional status and reproduction of the Southern Resident Killer Whale. The matching funds will be in addition to killer whale research conducted by SeaWorld’s scientists, which includes nearly 50 studies to date.

The Announcement

The announcement was made today (August 15th) at SeaWorld San Diego.

Sea Street Band performed today just before the company’s announcement of plans to build new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments and to fund new programs to protect ocean health and killer whales in the wild.  Blue World Project™ will begin at SeaWorld San Diego and then will follow at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio.
Photo credit: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld® San Diego

Killer whale environment announcement image Sea Street Band

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® Vice President of Veterinary Services Christopher Dold makes remarks during an announcement today of plans to build new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments and to fund new programs to protect ocean health and killer whales in the wild.  Blue World Project™ will begin at SeaWorld San Diego and then will follow at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio.
Photo credit: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld® San DiegoKiller whale environment announcement image Chris Dold San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria makes remarks during an announcement by SeaWorld today of plans to build new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments and to fund new programs to protect ocean health and killer whales in the wild.  Blue World Project™ will begin at SeaWorld San Diego and then will follow at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio.
Photo credit: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld® San DiegoKiller whale environment announcement image Todd Gloria SeaWorld® San Diego Park President John Reilly makes remarks during an announcement today of plans to build new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments and to fund new programs to protect ocean health and killer whales in the wild.  Blue World Project™ will begin at SeaWorld San Diego and then will follow at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio.
Photo credit: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld® San DiegoKiller whale environment announcement image John Reilly

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® CEO Jim Atchison makes remarks during an announcement today of plans to build new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments and to fund new programs to protect ocean health and killer whales in the wild.  Blue World Project™ will begin at SeaWorld San Diego and then will follow at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio.
Photo credit: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld® San DiegoKiller whale environment announcement image Jim Atchison During an announcement today SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment® CEO Jim Atchison (center at lectern) is joined by SeaWorld team members and San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria for the unveiling of renderings of new, first-of-its-kind killer whale environments.  Blue World Project™ will begin at SeaWorld San Diego and then will follow at the SeaWorld parks in Orlando, Fla. and San Antonio.
Photo credit: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld® San DiegoKiller whale environment announcement image Unveiling

We think this is a marvelous announcement, SeaWorld is battling the criticism they’ve recently received, and with this state-of-the-art facility and research project they are bound to disprove critics and better the health of their killer whales and the experience of guests!

Farewell Colossus 36-Hour Marathon!

20140624_110046 Say goodbye to Colossus in a Colossal way!  Six Flags Magic Mountain is hosting a 36-hour coaster marathon on Colossus and they’re looking for riders.  The marathon will start on Monday, August 4 at 9 a.m. and will end at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, August 5.  If you are interested in participating, please e-mail the park at and tell them why you want to be one of the 24 participants in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Each participant will receive a Six Flags 2015 Season Pass.  Grand Prize will be four GOLD Passes and extra surprises!20140624_110001

A few key points for the marathon riders:

  • Each hour, riders will ride for 45 minutes with a 15 minute break.  At 3 a.m., the park will move you to the “other” wooden coaster, Apocalypse, for three hours while Colossus receives its regularly-scheduled maintenance.  At 6 a.m., you’ll be back on Colossus to finish the marathon.
  • Riders will be required to sign a medical waiver.  If rider is under 18 years old, support person must be a parent or guardian and will be required to sign the medical waiver on the rider’s behalf.
  • The park will provide regularly-scheduled meals to the riders throughout the marathon. Any special dietary needs are the responsibility of the rider and will be allowed to be brought in.
  • Each participant is allowed to bring one “support” person.  This person will be asked to wait in an area next to the ride and will be available to supply their marathon rider with any additional food and drink throughout the duration of the marathon.
  • Marathon riders will be encouraged to document their marathon experience on social media during the 36 hours.  Prizes will be awarded for best posts during the event.

Additional information will be provided to riders by the park in a follow up e-mail.

Good luck to everyone who applies! 

Ninja Accident at Magic Mountain Leaves at Least 4 Injured

Ninja, the first suspended roller coaster on the west coast, opened in 1988, derailed today at the Six Flags Magic Mountain, injuring four people and leaving about two dozen riders stranded about 20 feet in the air. The coaster struck a tree branch shortly before 6 p.m. and stopped. Photos show the front car that normally are suspended beneath a track dangling at an angle, derailed at the front. Four people on the ride received minor injuries, but they and other riders remained on the stalled coaster, stranded 20 to 30 feet in the air, more than an hour after the accident.

The following photos were made by a rider,  (hokaythxbai via;Onride ninja 2 Onride Ninja 1

The official statement from the park;

Earlier this evening, a tree branch fell on the track of the roller coaster, Ninja, obstructing the train.  Park medical staff and local paramedics were immediately called to the scene. Of the 22 guests safely evacuated, two were transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures.

The safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority and as a precaution, the ride will remain closed until a thorough inspection of the area is complete.

Here are some more visuals of the incident.IMG_82247837903836 IMG_82225641126492

Luckily no one seems to have gotten seriously injured. We hope that everyone understands that this doesn’t reflect Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Ninja maintenance, as this was an act of nature. The tree simply fell over hitting a Ninja train, nothing the park could have done to prevent this from happening related to ride maintenance. Expect Ninja to be closed for some time, due to safety checks, additional maintenance, and perhaps tree removal.

Overall, 4 riders were released with minor injuries, and 2 of those were sent to the hospital. No major injuries took place.

Additionally, Green Lantern will be closed for an unknown time too, as another ZacSpin in Benidorm, Spain (Inferno at Terra Mitica) launched a rider out of its seat. Stay tuned for more on that!