Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Sean: One of our last Shanghai parks was the brand new Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park! Home to many exhibits, killer whales, and the signature Steel Dolphin Intamin Blitz coaster, we were very much looking forward to visiting. Upon arrival we slowly started figuring out that this park is *just* shy of being a hit, but somehow charges prices comparable to Shanghai Disneyland. Let’s go explore. Continue reading “Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park”

HB World – 2019 Trip Report

Sean: Wonder what China’s version of a studios–themed park is like? Wonder no more! The famous Huayi Brothers have major studio property right by the park, and recently opened a movie studios theme park with a wild mix of knock-offs, stellar world-class attractions, and bizarre dark rides. Let’s head in to this amazingly well–manicured park and see if polish alone can carry the place! Continue reading “HB World – 2019 Trip Report”

Wuxi Sunac Land – 2019 Trip Report

Sean: Welcome to the next installment of our China adventure. One of the many reasons 2019 was the year of this tour was because of the giant amount of new theme parks opening up in China at the moment. In order to keep up we’re trying to hit new parks within a few years from opening. Wuxi Sunac Land opened June 29th of this year and is best known for their giant B&M Wing Coaster: Falcon. Let’s head in! Continue reading “Wuxi Sunac Land – 2019 Trip Report”

Happy Valley Shanghai – 2019 Trip Report

Sean: Get ready for a whole lot of China! One of the more “Chinese” parks of the trip was Happy Valley Shanghai, home to dilapidated areas, closed coasters, some pleasant and unpleasant surprises and… a Pizza Hut! Let’s take a look at the park with one of China’s biggest coaster lineups! Continue reading “Happy Valley Shanghai – 2019 Trip Report”

Coaster Kings Radio Episode 4: Kawaii Coaster Kings – SPECIAL

This time around we bring you a special podcast episode where we talk all things Japan! How do you navigate the country and what can you expect from major parks like Fuji-Q Highland and Universal Studios Japan? Find out as Sean and Alex teach Sven all about these parks and more in Kawaii Coaster Kings – Part 1!

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The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea

Sean: The last Disney park we had yet to publish about was Tokyo DisneySea, a park I’ve personally ventured to on two occasions this fall. You can say we saved the best for last because without doubt is this one of the best theme parks on Earth, many even consider it to be the best. Period. Join me as we take a look around the magical 7 ports of Tokyo DisneySea! Continue reading “The 7 Ports of Tokyo DisneySea”

Fuji-Q Highland: The Six Flags Magic Mountain of Japan

Alexander: Ok, the title of this article is kind of a loaded statement. How is Fuji-Q like Magic Mountain? Like, besides the obvious reasons?

To be honest, they’re not as similar as we’d originally pictured; Fuji-Q Highland is shockingly small, and, despite their 4 major coasters drawing some obvious parallels, their collection of coasters overall is just a fraction fo the size of Magic Mountain’s. Still, we know a lot of Six Flags Magic Mountain fans who will take personal interest in the similarities between the parks, and, as long as we have a “Cedar Point of Japan” (Nagashima Spa Land), we might as well have a Japanese Magic Mountain. Continue reading “Fuji-Q Highland: The Six Flags Magic Mountain of Japan”

Tokyo Disneyland

Sean: Though I had been to the Tokyo Disney Resort a week or so prior to visiting Tokyo Disneyland, to visit DisneySea, it was finally time for me to visit my last Disney theme park. This was it, all 12 parks within 9 months. I thought that among the shiny and unique Disney parks I had encountered Tokyo Disneyland would not stand out. After all, Disney’s best product (DisneySea) was just next door. I was pleasantly surprised. Tokyo Disneyland has something to offer that no other Disney park can. Let’s find out what that is!

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This is Where Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boomerang is Going!

Sean: After the departure of Boomerang at Knott’s Berry Farm last year, people started wondering where the brightly-colored roller coaster would be located next. Many guessed at a Cedar Fair park, some guessed an Asian park. Thanks to Belgian Plopsa Fans, we now have an answer as to where Boomerang is reopening.

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SEGA Joypolis + Cosmoworld + Sea Paradise – Tokyo Area Small Parks

Alexander: Our last official day in Tokyo was a survey of 3 little parks, each with one major coaster. While the latter two parks are actually Yokohama, Japan’s 2nd largest city, the “Greater Tokyo Area” is composed of both cities; together they compose the world’s most populous metro.

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Alexander: The seemingly countless amusement parks of the greater Tokyo area come in all shapes and sizes – most are small, but several are surprisingly big once you’re inside (Tobu Zoo), and some are utterly massive (DisneySea, Yomiuriland). Perhaps the biggest small park in Tokyo (or maybe the smallest big park) is Toshimaen?

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