Calico River Rapids Media Preview

Derrion: It may be a surprise to some but an adventurous new excursion opened at Knott’s Berry Farm May 18th. Calico River Rapids is an all new thematic take on the classic Big Foot Rapids. Lets take a look at the new changes and effects that can be found on the newly themed rapids attraction.

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We would like to thank Knott’s Berry Farm for continuously  inviting us to participate in the media events. It was truly a success!

The Calico townsfolk know how to throw a party. We all were eager to explore new uncharted territory.

The actors did an amazing job encouraging us to go on the daring/dangerous journey. It made the experience that more immersive.

Are you all willing to brave across uncharted lands to the outskirts of Calico? The entrance to the attraction has been extended. It covers both the entry and exit queue.

Formerly known as Big Foot Rapids, it had little to no theming. It is very impressive to see that even the smallest details can add to the story and rider experience.

The queue line has received new fencing and is a major improvement over the former generic guard rails. This is one of the lengthy queues and the added decoration made it feel as though we were on an expedition.

The line may be new, but it looks as though the former resident has stuck around. I wonder if they will be happy that we are taking over the space?

Having ridden the new attraction multiple times, I can say that the new show scenes are easily better viewed while waiting in line. The rapids seat six in a circle. Due to the nature of the ride , riders can get a different view each time. This is great because it keeps the ride experience ever-changing, but the downfall is that you can miss important details that add to the story. Our advice, enjoy the line and re-ride!

This wood pecker looks up to no good. Poking holes in the wood cannot be great for the plumbing.

We would know! Our tour guide through the excursion warned us of all the animals that inhabit the area and create chaos. With all of the additions to the attraction, the vegetation will be the gem to awaiting voyagers. The surrounding area is beautiful!

I think some of the Calico Townsfolk beat us to the bar. We are not the only ones in search of the riches of the world.

It is hard to believe that this was once a generic section of the line. The pictures do no show how beautiful the territory has transitioned. Walking through the line was one of the best experiences.

There is now an entire cabin set up in the center of the plot of land.

The entire time I wondered why many of the townsfolk chose to stay in town. These brave men informed us that there was a strange creature on the loose and to keep our guards up .

Rightfully so because we spotted a mountain lion just a few moments later.

A territorial mama bear.

And Bigfoot! Legend has it that it lives in a cave at the the furthest parts of Calico.

On the other section of the territory, the adventure awaits ! The new building facade blends well with the surrounding area.

The ride vehicles have not changed much and still have the same safety belts. They did however receive new comfortable seats and a paint job.

We had lots of fun riding the rapids. The ride itself seemed to zip through the layout and like most rapid attractions. Can’t you see the excitement on everyone’s faces?

If you are not a fan of water attractions, the fun continues off ride. The addition of the TNT blasters allows guest to manually wet riders on Calico River Rapids.

Seeing guests get wet by the TNT blasters is so shockingly satisfying. When you are on ride it makes for a startling surprise.

The Zamperla manufactured Pony Express seems more in place in the town of Calico. It was great getting a couple of rides in on this attraction during the event. Knott’s prides it self on the theme of exploration. This area of the park coincides well with this story line.

It would not be a coaster kings update without mentioning the amazing cuisine that was provided. Yum!

Well folks, it looks as though we survived the Calico River Rapids. The attraction is now currently open and awaits pioneers just like you!

As always thank you for reading thus far. Check out this neat on-ride footage!

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