Bugs Bunny World Reopening Day! (+MM&HH Update)

Today was the official re-opening of Bugs Bunny World, and the official opening of Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers! 20140625_114817

For the opening, the park had all Looney Tunes characters come out, and an adorable little guy to cut the ribbon. 20140625_110218 20140625_110238 20140625_110822

Then all the guests and media entered the rejuvenated Bugs Bunny World and gathered in front of Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers for the official opening of the park’s 19th coaster. Sue Carpenter, Speedy Gonzales, and 4 children officially opened the ride on stage. cck stuff 564

After Sue Carpenter officially opened the ride, confetti blasted through the air as the first official ride left the station!20140625_11151820140625_111504 20140625_111515 cck stuff 577

All the Looney Tunes stayed for, and after the opening for photo-ops! 20140625_111713

At noon, the first ‘official’ Looney Tunes Kids Club show debuted, we had seen it before, but went to see it anyways. Fun little show that Magic Mountain needed. We love the fact that many characters are featured in the show!cck stuff 594

Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers was now open! 20140625_121354 20140625_121423

The ride looks really good actually, a fun little kiddie addition! The Snack Shack also had a menu in place today, and opened up with the rejuvenated Bugs Bunny World this morning. 20140625_114833

Here’s a close-up of the back of the new sign. We really like the ‘That’s all folks!’ 20140625_123000

Other than that, we had a large update yesterday, which you can find here. But there were some things we didn’t capture.

Batman: The Ride is running the Six Flags Over Texas trains, as Six Flags Over Texas is using the Magic Mountain trains to run their Batman Clone backwards this July. The trains are a lot smoother and quieter. Actually making batman better than it used to be! Make sure to ride Batman soon, because the Magic Mountain trains will eventually return!20140625_114221 20140625_114219

Moving on to Hurricane Harbor quickly, we found that the park placed many of their new chairs along the walkways, offering a lot more seating now! Hopefully some shade structures will follow later this season or during off season!

Additionally, Black Snake Summit’s slides have reopened. We kind of feel that the Twisted Fang and Coiled Cobra turned into the ‘chicken-out’ slides. Everyone seems to be in line for Bonzai Pipelines, and those who are afraid seem to slide down the black slides haha. 20140625_133158

The screen over the wave-pool that is used for the Friday nights’ Dive-In Movies is now also used during the day, showing cartoons and music videos. It definitely sets this wave-pool apart from other ones in CA! 20140625_133228

So in style we now gotta say; ‘That’s all Folks!’. Make sure to comment, check out all our other recent Six Flags Updates here, and share this among your coaster-and-themepark-loving friends! 😀


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