Bonzai Pipelines Media Day and REVIEW

Today was the official opening of Bonzai Pipelines, and to get right to the point, it was more than amazing! The commercial shoot was done earlier in the day, and the B-Roll was too. The park also used a bunch of cameras for the official opening.

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Additionally, stilt walkers were welcomed to be part of the opening ceremony.20140526_154621 After the media event, the park opened the wave pool for their first ever Dive-In movie, JAWS, and the park kept Bonzai Pipelines open for an additional hour after park close!20140526_174034

We only have pictures of the set-up of the opening, as suddenly an executive asked my brother and I to be the opening riders! We were brought to the top of the Black Snake Summit structure, after which we were placed in the launch capsules. As the beating heart soundtrack in the speakers sounded, we had a wonderful view of the opening ceremony down below. Only to realize that we were standing on trap doors. I’m not going to lie, it was nerve-wrecking standing in the capsule for about 5 minutes before they officially launched the ride… and US!20140526_174125

As the ride officially launched, the slide-operator pressed the button, and away we went. My brother was on the blue slide, which apparently had a count-down soundtrack, and I was launched out of the green/yellow/orange slide that didn’t have a count down. (Or at least it wasn’t working, or my nervous mind ignored it). As we came down we were welcomed by a lot of media taking pictures of us, and we were featured in a small interview.

Overall, as to the experience, the drop isn’t too bad quite honestly, the trap door is removed so insanely quickly that it’s hard to capture the moment. For the blue slide, all the amazing experience is, is just a blink of an eye while free-falling down a giant slide. The blue slide is so quick that it’s hard to give a detailed description of the experience. All we can say is that it’s 3 seconds of amazing craziness. The green/yellow/orange slide on the other hand is a bit longer, and a bit easier to describe. The small drop dives into a slope that will build up some crazy speed, after which you’ll be swung into the helix. Whilst approaching the helix, the crazy amount of water that splashes in your face totally disorients you, and it’s hard to focus on the next movement. The helix itself looks large from the outside, but with the incredible speed you enter the helix, the G’s are crazy! Meanwhile the water is still splashing in your face, and the end doesn’t come as soon as you might have first thought, then there’s even more water as you feel the bottom of the skim-out under your body. One final splash, and you’re there.20140526_174135

Both slides look rather mild from the outside, but remember, due to the trap doors, the speed at which you enter is very high, thus Bonzai Pipelines becomes a lot more thrilling! Make sure to all check it out!

Here’s the video the park released!

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