blast backwardsDuring Six Flag’s announcements for 2014, Magic Mountain got much exciting news, including what we like to refer simply as backwards. The spring season launches with an exciting twist on two of the  theme park’s beloved coasters. For a limited time, the popular suspended coaster, BATMAN The Ride and the celebrated wooden coaster, Colossus, will run BACKWARDS.  Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, the B&M inverted coaster, BATMAN the Ride, will be more intense than ever when riders dare to take on an all new experience going backwards!


As the coaster climbs the 105-foot lift, riders will take in the all of the track as they anticipate the adventure that lies ahead. The train will reach speeds of 50 mph and travel through 2,700 feet of track, all while maneuvering 2 vertical loops, a zero g roll, and 2 corkscrews … all while going backwards! The excitement is magnified since guests cannot see the twists and turns that await them.  The iconic “woodie” Colossus, will hit the track in reverse as well. Covering 10 acres of land, with tracks measuring nearly a mile long at 4,325 feet, this classic wooden coaster features drops of more than 100 feet and a total of 14 hills including a climactic triple jump toward the end … backwards!  Colossus celebrated its 35th anniversary in June, 2013.  The ride, as during fright fest, will be run backwards using Psyclone’s old cars.  Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Great America (the original and first inverted looping coaster), ran backwards last year to great reception.


Batman The Ride that ran backwards at Six Flags Great America last year ran two special modified trains, that were capable of having the seats reversed, yet the mechanism forward (standard). This was believed to be a bit rough, but oh well. The trains could seat 28 riders (7 rows) rather than the standard 32 (8 rows). It is very likely Six Flags Magic Mountain will use the same trains as SFGAm did, and is therefore only seasonal, ’til they send the special trains to another Six Flags park. Of course this popular ride will likely be creating long lines. We’ll wait for it though!

Below you’ll see a video of the Batman Backwards at SFGAm.

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