5 Ways to make Sky Tower popular again.

That sad ol’ Sky Tower hasn’t received much love lately, luckily it will reopen on the 22nd of March. Do you think some of the following could be possible for Sky Tower? We sure do! Or would the park have already installed it?

Here are 5 ways that could make the Sky Tower a very popular place again. Of course some money would have to be invested in it, but this landmark would definitely be worth it!

  1. Repaint – As easy, and simple as it may sound, paintjobs make a huge difference. Currently the red color of the Sky Tower is fading to look the same as the Viper track, and quite honestly it doesn’t look well maintained. The iconic tower is known by everyone living around the park, and most visitors will first see the Sky Tower when approaching the park. When standing right underneath, one could easily see the paint peeling off the structure, not the most attractive look if you’re about to board an elevator that will bring you 350+ feet up the same structure. 20140112_135153
  2. Restaurant – We know… many people have written about this before, a restaurant in the Sky Tower. To us, it seems unlikely that the park will ever attempt to install a restaurant up there. But it sure would attract the crowds this wonderful attraction once had. The Sky Tower can be configured to have a dining room on one floor, and a kitchen on the other. And even if that were too big of a project, and the park doesn’t want to limit access to the observation deck to restaurant costumers only, it could remodel the bottom floor of the observation decks only. The bottom would then become 1/3 kitchen, 2/3 dining room. This would open up the traffic to the tower, as they will then be able to use both elevators. One going to the very top floor, for visitors to enjoy the observation deck, and the other to the restaurant. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to make reservations on the bottom of the tower, take up the elevator with a redesigned interior, up to the ‘Sky High’ restaurant? This restaurant could be a quiet, relaxed dine-in restaurant, which the park will no longer have after the transformation of the Mooseburger Lodge into the Full Throttle Sports Bar.
  3. Sky Lounge – An easy, yet GREAT solution. If the park really wants to update the Sky Tower, and attract huge amounts of visitors, they install a modern lounge. The park does definitely not need to reconstruct the bottom deck for this, it would simply be an addition of an awesome light package, 6 TV screens (one in each corner), and some benches with soft seating. The park could install the TVs that will then play Six Flags TV clips, such as the music videos, which will add to the modern style of the Sky Tower. Perhaps some different colors paint can be used indoor, to brighten the observation deck up. Then, similar to Studio6F, there could be a small coffee/ refreshments ‘counter’ inside, where they could install a free-style machine. You don’t have a clue how many people we’ve heard, that wished they could get something to drink and eat up there, this could be a simple solution. Let’s then take a look at the seating, we as CCK love to hang out in the Sky Tower, only major problem… seating. Guests are forced to stand up while visiting the observation deck, most guests end up leaving short after they arrive. If there were to be multiple benches up there, that will have soft seating, it will add to the touch of the ‘Sky Lounge’, and would have visitors stay longer, and come back more frequently. Perhaps the best way to attract staying visitors, is free Wi-Fi, in the ‘Sky Lounge’ only. PCs are too much of a hustle, and will often be defunct, as seen in the Cyber Cafe, but free Wi-Fi will allow guests to use their own devices. All mentioned in #3, will be enlightened by a set of LEDs through out the lounge, that will obviously change colors slowly, creating a relaxing mood. We’re pretty sure guests could hang out up there for hours this way!

    This is what the inside currently looks like.
    This is what the inside currently looks like.
  4. Magic of the Mountain MUSEUM – When the park installed the museum up in the Sky Tower in 2008, it was a hit, people everywhere throughout the park were talking about it, and full elevators went up and down. Guests could discover all of the Mountain’s wonderful history, and spend hours in there. That was the greatest recent attempt to bring visitors to the Sky Tower. But then the park took it out in 2011, and now the only thing left is the carpet. It has probably already become clear to you that some sort of adjustment has to be made regarding the Sky Tower. Bringing back the museum would be a perfect one. There were so many interesting objects, videos, test seats, etc… to see up there, that it will likely draw many visitors again. Only thing the park will have to do this time, is make sure to advertise the museum on the park map. Perhaps the 6 screens from earlier can be installed, so that the visitors can learn about different decades, and their additions, in different corners of the observation deck, while enjoying the wonderful view.terminator_011709_29
  5.  Interactive Family Lounge – If Six Flags Magic Mountain wanted to expand their family attractions line-up more. They could go with a family styled lounge, in which big screens would allow children to play with games, that will correspond with Six Flags Magic Mountain rides. They could also install touch screens throughout the Sky Tower, where you can look at a ride down below on a map, select it, and watch an on-ride video. Which would be perfect for the families with children that are not tall enough yet to ride. The park could of course add benches on the observation deck, like mentioned before, to make it a place for visitors to stay longer. It would be a bit similar to the Cyber Cafe.

These just some availabilities for the park to draw more visitors to this great attraction! Of course the park could do much more than this, and make totally different decisions. That’s why we ask you what you think of the Sky Tower, what should Six Flags do with it, and which of our 5 options would you like to see? COMMENT BELOW!


13 Replies to “5 Ways to make Sky Tower popular again.”

    1. If only the corporate heads had any clue of the people’s thoughts of this icon. The general public loves taking a quick ride to the observation deck. But only to be disappointed once up there. It would be fantastic for the park that has mostly coasters to create a relaxing ride, with altitude.

  1. There is so much potential with the Sky Tower. But I’m sure the park management knows that. The Magic of the Mountain museum was evidence of that. The lower deck would not be used until its windows were sealed (one reason it was closed was because people dropped stuff from up there). Putting some comfortable seating up there, however, shouldn’t be an issue. (On a side note, SFMM needs more benches all over the park.) Refreshments up there would be nice, too, but try to imagine the task of keeping the place clean and getting trash back down—not to mention drainage, drink syrup/water, and ice issues.

    1. Agreed, MM needs more seating possibilities and that’s a good point. The drainage and having to bring supplies up the tower all the time, and cleaning it may be an issue, but as you mentioned seating should not be too hard to arrange.

  2. Never ridden the Sky Tower… Always been too busy with the roller coasters, if some of these ideas were put into action I’d probably put off one roller coaster to check it out. Love magic mountain, love this page. Keep up the good work!

    1. Next time you’re there, after March 22nd, give it a chance! A very nice relaxed and cool place to hang out at! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. I’ve written similar articles like this in the past. There is so much potential up there, especially with that ice cold A/C. In addition to seating and cold beverages, I’d like to see a charging bar around the interior perimeter. Have a cold drink in the A/C while you recharge your phone. A state of the art LED lighting package would also be a great way to bring attention to the park at night from the passing freeway, as well as possibly generate revenue if they sell ad space on it. As far as cleaning goes, don’t even get me started. They can’t even keep the windows clean now, and that’s all that’s up there!

  4. I’m all in for all these ideas. I like the last one with the point of view videos touchscreen… how about a superman-like coaster that launches rider up the tower wraps around at 90* and spirals down. (Full circuit coaster for increased ride capacity) in addition the museum could come back with the pov touch screens and lounge with an opportunity to buy merchandise and dry snacks (since ice drains are an issue)… of course this would probably require a bit of reinforcing of the tower to hold that kind of weight and force. Oooo, and paint like blue or white or some new modern color scheme… this would require some pretty heavy investment, but it’s an icon and if they try to get rid of it or let it rot til it falls I’m sure there will be hoards of people booing them or getting on their case about abandonment (cough cough New Orleans cough cough).

  5. I use to live on the Central Coast of California. My family and I traveled to magic Mountain. The first thing that I saw was the Magic Mountain Sky Tower that stood about 386 feet. I took pictures of the park from up there. Then I took the picture of the sky Tower from the gondolas I saw from google earth that you have new rides like the Superman Ride. and many other things. I haven`t been there since1991.

  6. After Lex Luthor was already installed to the 2 sides of the 415 ft SUPERMAN Tower, just imagine had Lex Luthor been installed to All 4 sides of Sky Tower.

    Riders would have been dropping from about the same height as you would from Superman Tower anyway, but where Lex Luthor could have gone up through the Observation Tower, to the Top Deck height, before Dropping, free Falling.

  7. As a suggestion, why Not Add a Parachute Ride like Knotts Berry Farm had, but using the Existing Tower with, not as Wide a Large Ring at or around the Top?

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