4 Ways to Bring SCREAM! Back to Life.

The almighty SCREAM! opened in April of 2003, and was placed to be an easy money maker after the expensive X. Six Flags had worked with B&M for a while by then, and realized that installing a mirror version of Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure (now Bizarro) would be a great way to go, since the B&M rides were often opened without many technical difficulties. This was yet another great reason to place it, since both Deja Vu (2001) and X (2001-2002) had many technical difficulties, slowing down operations, and costing the park a lot of money.

But here we are, almost 11 years later and many new coasters have been built since. X has made its reappearance as X2, and Deja Vu left in the Six Flags ride rotation program, and is to be found at Six Flags New England as Goliath. But there is Scream!, slowly fading in the CA sun, in a back corner somewhere in a huge park. 20130825_175711Not to mention that the ride can be seen from parts of the park, the entire parking lot, several local service streets, and the huge Interstate 5. But yet, it looks like a roller-coaster that can be found in a deceased park. Don’t worry, as all of you probably know, it’s still operating, although never with 3 trains. It actually ran only one train for about 12 months in 2012-13. The photo-booth stands vacant, after the on-ride action-photo system was basically ripped out. (Yes, booth, and all equipment is still there, except for the actual cameras).

Let’s move on to the way we can actually fix the problems, and how the park could treat SCREAM! better.

  1. Repaint – Agreed or disagreed, it’s insane that one of the most visible, and open rides from anywhere in the area, especially the parking lot, looks like it will fall apart at any given time. The ride is 11 years old, and has not received a single paint job in it’s life. Wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t out in the open, on a concrete (former parking lot) block. But since it is, the fact that it looks so faded is a shame. The ride was up for a repaint in 2008, almost desperate for a repaint in 2010, and far beyond a repaint in 2014. The current state of this roller-coaster is sad. You could ask almost any visitor, or theme-park enthusiast, and they will definitely agree that SCREAM! needs a repaint. Then comes in the color, was it smart to color the 150 ft. giant violet, blue, and yellow in the first place? We think not. Yes, it looks great, for the first year, but looks at least twice as old if not maintained well, and since this ride is definitely not maintained well, compared to some other rides in the park, this color scheme should go. We we’re thinking of something that wouldn’t look half as bad faded. Black supports, or very dark blue supports will just look a bit rough when faded, but not as bland as the violet used now. The track could be gray, which would hardly be noticed when faded. Just think of Batman’s colors from 1994-2010, the gray still looked alright after 16 years.
    After all the fading the track still looks great. You can get away with gray and black fading.
    After all the fading the track still looks great. You can get away with gray and black fading.

    Or the park could go with something more attractive, something like yellow and orange track colors. (Think Dominator at Kings Dominion). When faded it will still not look as bad, since a light-yellow can look great too.

    Would definitely look fresh!
    Would definitely look fresh!

    This all depends on eventual re-theming, or landscaping, re-profiling, or non of them all. In conclusion, SCREAM! has a lovely color scheme, but due to the fact that it’s out in the sun, and the park doesn’t maintain it too well, the paint will fade soon, look awful, and asks for a different, more durable color scheme. Comment your repaint ideas below.

  2. Landscaping – Ever seen the picture Six Flags Magic Mountain uses on their website? Yes, those trees happen to be behind a mirrored Interlocking Corkscrews.
    This picture is used on the official park website.
    This picture is used on the official park website.

    In case you didn’t notice, it’s a picture of Medusa (now Bizarro) at Six Flags Great Adventure. Medusa/Bizarro actually happens to be built on the edge of a forest, over grass, surrounded by trees. The photo was simply color-edited, to look like Scream!. The wonderful landscaping of Medusa/Bizarro adds to the ride experience, as everything seems to be neatly maintained. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what Scream! has. Let’s face it, who has not noticed the huge fading parking lot while riding Scream!? We normally don’t use this terminology, but it looks ‘cheap’. Although we aren’t construction builders, drilling out some of the previous parking lot, and replacing it with dirt, and then trees, doesn’t seem too hard. This could easily be part of a re-profiling, or re-theming of the ride. Even planters in the helix, or under the Cobra Roll would look good. But sadly enough, the entire plaza, and currently the ride, station, line, etc… looks like it’s the all new ‘Depression Zone’. A big faded, gray blob that seems to have sucked the life out of the area is what we first think of. But that can be easily fixed by planting some flowers all over the plaza, in line, and around the pathways leading to Scream!. The big plaza in front of the line should be having a circular planter similar to Riddler’s Revenge’s plaza. This planter could immediately host a new ride sign, that is 3D, and sticks out on a pole while rotating. Talking about an awesome new entrance! Additionally, trees are very essential for a ride’s look, so any way in which trees or plants, or anything else could be placed, would greatly benefit Scream!. Although this might be seen as something other than landscaping, a big ‘pool’ under the ride could bring it back to life as well, any ride over water is generally a hit with the public. In conclusion, Scream! needs some landscaping done, which can be done in many different ways, and even the slightest change would be greatly appreciated by guests, and theme-park enthusiasts. There are so many things that one could do to better Scream!’s landscaping right now, that we can’t even get close to going through all options, therefore we’d like you to comment your ideas below!

    These are all the trees that are to be found, and the plaza looks very sad as you may seem, not to mention everything that's not in the picture!
    These are all the trees that are to be found, and the plaza looks very sad as you may see, not to mention everything that’s not in the picture!
  3. Re-Theme – Let’s say that a re-theming finds place, but Scream! is to keep its current name. Different kinds of theming could apply to a roller-coaster with the broad name; Scream!. Let’s use one specific color example in this argument. Let’s say that Scream! got the new planter in front of the entrance with an awesome new sign, and a color scheme that’s yellow (track) with very dark blue (supports). The fences surrounding the ride should get a new color, preferably dark blue. In addition to that, the station building should become entirely dark blue from the outside, with yellow on the inside, including the Flash Pass entrance that needs new walls, and roofing. In addition to the basic repaints around the ride, the big billboards with the screaming faces have to be replaced with something more permanent, that won’t fade as quickly. This could be a general logo, sign, or series of signs that will brand the new theming. Scream!’s line and station don’t have TVs at this moment, so that needs to be placed in then, and an appropriate new soundtrack would be great for the entrance plaza. Through out the ride, the park could place tunnels, with LED lighting it. Perhaps, to make it all even more spectacular, the park could enclose the Interlocking Corkscrews, and have an indoor part to the ride too. All mixed with a fresh color, fresh light package, fresh logo, fresh signs, fresh line, fresh plaza, fresh music, and fresh everything else, Scream! could be one of the most popular coasters around. Because, other than the looks, it’s a great ride, and any other park in the universe would take good care of it, and would promote it as a star attraction. Could you imagine the lines for it, if it were to be located at Knott’s, or California’s Great America? Comment your thoughts of a new theme to Scream!, below.

    This is what the walls surrounding the lines, station, and transfers looks like. Yes indeed, it's up for an overhaul!
    This is what the walls surrounding the lines, station, and transfers looks like. Yes indeed, it’s up for an overhaul!
  4. Re-Profile – Many of you know the Bizarro make-overs. They were extremely popular, and the rides received attention as if they were brand new. But what most of you are not aware of, is that neither Bizarro is still complete. The Bizarro re-profile sounds awesome to us too, but knowing Six Flags Magic Mountain, this is not the way to go. Because SFMM would need something, low cost and durable. Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure no longer has the on-board audio installed, and the fog effects hardly work. Bizarro at Six Flags New England no longer has the popular flame throwers, and the onboard audio is mall functioning to say the least. Both rides came with new light effects, flame throwers, on-board audio, and fog effects. Let’s cut to the options for Scream!. We’ll be pairing it with the color schemes we came up with earlier, so the first colors would be black and gray. For the black and gray theme, MM would not have to re-profile the ride too much, as it could be aircraft related. A new name would be appropriate, but the parking lot it rusher over would make perfect sense, and thus wouldn’t have to be replaced. In addition to that, the station building could simply be painted all gray, and the trains could be made black, gray and red for a more aircraft related look. Since the station already looks like a hangar, only a new soundtrack would be necessary, and perhaps some new signs around the ride relating to the aircraft theme. Few air-traffic control towers could be placed around the ride. For example in the helix, or in the Cobra Roll.20130731_111947 Some simple, empty hangar buildings could be placed around the track, perhaps serving as fly-throughs or tunnels, and the ride would be pretty much re-profiled. A nice set of LED lights would do to light it up at night, and the catwalk lights could be similar to runway lights. The line would stay the same other than the new colors, the entrance plaza could have some sort of aircraft on display, and the exit path won’t look as bad as it does now since it fits the theme. Bring back the on-ride cameras as you could advertise it as a new ride experience, and you’re pretty much set. If it were to be yellow and dark blue, like we mentioned before, the park would have to put a lot more work into it. This is because the soft look of the new colors would be very energetic, and it would easily look unfinished if it’s not heavily themed. Besides the repaint, a lot of landscaping seems necessary, and an appropriate name which could be a hard one with a park full of coasters already. When we think of it after all, the black and gray aircraft themed re-profiling seems to be the easiest, most durable, and most creative way to go. Luckily Six Flags Magic Mountain doesn’t have anything themed like that yet. Please comment your ideas of a re-profile below!

    Part of the station can be seen, which would look great when gray, track would thus also work with the new colors, and  the runway concrete is already there right under neath!
    Part of the station can be seen, which would look great when gray, track would thus also work with the new colors, and the runway concrete is already there right under neath!

After these 4 ‘easy’ ways to give Scream! a fair chance again, we would definitely like to see something among these lines to happen. Perhaps when the rumored Iron Colossus is being constructed the park could close off the entire area and give Scream! some real love, it definitely deserves it! Please comment your thoughts below!

14 Replies to “4 Ways to Bring SCREAM! Back to Life.”

  1. Love the black/gray repaint ideas, which could of course fit the aircraft theme. Shouldn’t be too pricey, looking at the costs of a regular repaint, adding some paint to other areas as well. Some new buildings, like mentioned; the control towers and hangars. Then a new sound track, TV’s and entrance plaza and you’re ready to go. Seems like a lot, but definitely not as big of an upgrade as most other possibilities out there. So that sounds great, now I think about it!

  2. Re theming this ride to something completely different will be appreciated. Drill that parking lot and give it some vegetation and shade and what not. As for the theme Itself I think, well my dream, would be theming it like a dinosaur themed ride with big huge monsters on the cobra roll giving the sensation of being eaten. The soundtrack with sounds of a tropical jungle and random screams of prehistoric animals would be cool, again these are just my dreams 😉 I always wanted MM with a dinosaur themed ride with the plantation of a tropical forest

    1. That would be awesome!
      And it would sure look fantastic from the parking lot, if you see fog coming out of a forest, see Dinosaurs sticking out, and you can hear the tropical music. Sounds great!

  3. Well I like the ideas you guys have but the coaster should have music to its theme because if you look at “Hollywood rip ride rockit” UNIVERSAL, Orlando FL. or “rocken roller coaster” W.D.W, Orlando FL. People will go back to it over and over for the themeing of the ride and the music. Second of all the name I like the name “scream” but since really no one rides it any more they shouldnt call it “scream” they should call it “louder” so that way it gets people’s attention to ride it again. Thirdly the trains they would have to buy new seats for the trains and ones with speakers like “bizzoro” at six flags and they would have to get new restraints for the ride so it will be costly to that plus the other trains that need to be refurbished. Thankyou for you time.

    1. Exactly what we thought, but onboard audio on rides of this size is hard to maintain. That’s why Six Flags Great Adventure took the audio out of Bizarro for the 2012 season. Knowing SFMM, they are done with onboard audio, as it’s a pain to maintain, think X2. That’s why we didn’t really include it, since the park wouldn’t maintain it, and ultimately take it out anyways. Just like you said, too pricey. Although it does indeed give extreme character to a ride. Like you mentioned in Florida, so if it were to be part of a re-profiling, we sure would love to see onboard audio!

  4. True about the speakers the rockit had blown speakers, but the lighting on that ride is amazing but yet again the lighting even is hard to maintain.

  5. I think, make the main track spine black, and neon green rails, make the supports “blend” like, starting on one side white and as it gets farther down the supports blend into a charcoal black color. The theming could be with lazers thus enclosing some elements like the cork screws and having flashing lights EVERYWERE. Instead of having inboard music which is really crapppy (like the one on bizarro) instead have speakers on various parts of the ride. Include colorful light beams and strobes under the entire coaster for a nighttime “light show” similar would work well with superman pointing up the tower, the station should be dark wi fog on the floor with soft multicolored lights moving slowly across the floor. Btw this is Gerstlauerguy

    1. That would definitely brighten up the area again, a new place to hang when the night hits. The ‘Disco coaster’ could have different decades as the ride progresses and speakers are aligned along the track as it flies in and out of different buildings. Great ideas!

  6. At the very, very least, Scream! needs to be repainted. Same colors or different (better different), but a paint job should be Priority One if they plan to keep the ride. Personally, I don’t care much for onboard audio because it’s hard to hear during the ride (over on X2 I only hear it on the lift and the final brakes).

    Another thing is that no matter what they do to the ride, it still has that parking lot underneath. If a retheme is in store, there’s also the real parking lot right over a fence. That’s hard to hide. The station could be enclosed—completely or partially—for not too much money.

    To me, the whole floorless effect is really only effective in the front row, anyway; otherwise this is pretty much like almost any other multi-element coaster and nothing special. Were it to disappear, I wouldn’t miss it and it would leave room for something else.

    1. Agreed, a repaint is the minimal requirement if they were to keep it. We agree that the front row is the only row to get the real ‘floor-less’ effect, though we think it’s a bad idea to get rid of it. There are many cheap solutions to give this ride a boost for the next 10 years, they might as well keep it for their coaster line-up.

  7. I think there are some great ideas here. I’m also thinking that with the rumored “Iron Colossus” remake we could also see a subsequent retheme of Scream given all of the attention that would come to this area of the park.

    I think a rename/repaint/retheme is certainly something that could be done well. I haven’t ridden the coaster in well over a year, thought about riding it on Saturday and decided not to.

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