Six Flags Magic Mountain Update-1/13/19

Derrion: I still cannot believe how fast January is going by in the new year. It feels great to be back at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This time around there were not many changes in the park, but it was still nice to visit on a weekend that was completely empty, the rain helped out as well! Let’s take a look at some of these changes, including a West Coast Racers construction update.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Early January, 2019

Derrion: I was so excited to get back to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as it has been 2 years since my last visit to the park. This park may be the baby sister to my home park Six Flags Magic Mountain, but it still offers and amazing experience for guest. As the first park I’ve visited in 2019, let’s take a look at the new changes in the park. Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Early January, 2019”

Mako – New Dive Coaster + Other Changes for SeaWorld San Diego – Our Thoughts

Sean: SeaWorld San Diego is planning on expanding the park not just through new events but also new attractions, such as one of California’s largest roller coasters. At a recent forum last week SeaWorld San Diego presented their plans for the next few years in detail. Among special events and touch ups around the park, too come new encounters and the chain’s second “Mako“. Continue reading “Mako – New Dive Coaster + Other Changes for SeaWorld San Diego – Our Thoughts”

All Disney Parks in the World – Ranked

Sean: We’ve had the amazing opportunity to visit each Disney park in the world in the past year (in 9 months, actually). We’re critics – and couldn’t help but compare every experience at each Disney park. We’ve reasoned back and forth, and have ultimately decided to compile a comprehensive ranking to share with the world. Below is a list of all Disney parks, ranked from worst to best! Continue reading “All Disney Parks in the World – Ranked”