10 Best Roller Coaster Queues

Airtime, a solid mix of forces, stellar inversions, launches, drops, etc. There are so many ways to really make a good coaster. What makes an overall good experience, however, often depends on the surrounding infrastructure. In this article we’re highlighting some of the best coaster queues in the world that really elevate the overall experience of the attraction.

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SHOP – Launch of Coaster Line – 5 New Designs

Shop Coaster Kings launched a week ago, and we’re excited to introduce some new pieces in time for the holidays! Over the course of the next six weeks, Shop Coaster Kings will launch five pieces weekly! This week, we’re excited to share our first merchandise of the new Coaster Line, inspired by some of your favorite coasters in the Southeast of the United States. Continue reading “SHOP – Launch of Coaster Line – 5 New Designs”

The London Resort (Paramount Park) – Construction Update October 2020

Back in October 2012 the UK heard about plans to build a huge park on the outskirts of London. Now eight years later we have a new update, possible ride manufacturers, and a possible opening year! Being built by London Resort Company Holdings, here’s what we know:

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Special Episode: Rookburgh & F.L.Y. at Phantasialand – Coaster Kings Radio

We just released a highly detailed and exciting discussion of Phantasialand’s newest area and world-class rollercoaster! Join us to Rookburgh and experience F.L.Y. in our newest Coaster Kings Radio episode with team members Sven and Nadja, and guest host Jan from Brake Section! Continue reading “Special Episode: Rookburgh & F.L.Y. at Phantasialand – Coaster Kings Radio”

Howl-o-Scream 2020 Review

Howl-O-Scream 2020

Haunted events look and feel a bit different all across the country this year, and Howl-O-Scream is no exception. This year’s event focuses solely on outdoor scares, with a whopping 10 scare zones throughout the park. Even though there aren’t any traditional haunted houses, the event still delivers plenty of scares, and of course some of Florida’s best roller coasters! Read on for our full review of this year’s event!

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F.L.Y. and Rookburgh – An Almost Spoiler Free Teaser

You might have heard of this new ride that recently started its soft-opening at Phantasialand! Yes, the new generation Vekoma Flying coaster might be high on your list. But because of Covid-19, you might not be able to book a trip right away. Here you can have a slight teaser with only some visual spoilers! Plus, we give you some good advice for a first visit. Continue reading “F.L.Y. and Rookburgh – An Almost Spoiler Free Teaser”

Coaster Kings Launches New Webshop Alongside Reimagined Logo

Coaster Kings (thecoasterkings.com) has presented their new branding today. After more than seven years of reporting on theme park experiences worldwide, the brand released a brand-new crown-inspired logo representing both the “Coaster” and “Kings” part of their industry-wide known name. The logo can now be found on all their social media platforms, including region specific pages for California, Europe and Florida. Continue reading “Coaster Kings Launches New Webshop Alongside Reimagined Logo”

Fraispertuis City – Last weekend of the Season – September 2020

So you might have noticed on our European Coaster Kings Instagram channel that at the end of September, we did a small theme park trip. After 3 German parks (Holiday Park, Europa-Park and Tripsdrill), we stopped by at a regional French park which we had heard good things about: Fraispertuis City. If you are unfamiliar with the park, now’s the time to discover why you should pay a visit! Continue reading “Fraispertuis City – Last weekend of the Season – September 2020”

Halloween Sneak Peek at Bellewaerde Park!

When your home park invites you to come and see what they have in store for Halloween, then we can’t say no! The cozy and adorable Bellewaerde Park in Belgium has got everything ready to celebrate Halloween from October 10th until November 8th! A coronaproof event for the family you’d want to see! Continue reading “Halloween Sneak Peek at Bellewaerde Park!”

No Halloween but Music Concerts at Walibi Belgium: Walibi On Stage!

Due to the current circumstances, Walibi Belgium decided to organize a different kind of event at the end of their season. As the music industry struggles, Walibi helps out by organizing “Walibi On Stage”: 8 days of music with more than 150 artists, including Eurovision contestants Loic Nottet and Blanche!

UPDATE: Due to the recent number of increased Covid-19 cases in Belgium, the event got unfortunately cancelled. Please follow the rules and stay safe!

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